[H] Ctrl Alt Elitè (13/14H) gmt8+ Khaz'goroth

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Ctrl Alt Elitè is a Top raiding guild based in the PVE realm of Khaz'goroth, and currently rank 1 10 man. We are now recruiting for skilled and competitive raiders to push ahead with the launch of patch 5.4, Siege of Orgimmar. Ctrl Alt Elitè currently stands at server rank 2 and are ready to put in the work to maintain Oceanic Ranking across.

We currently have plans to convert to 25 man progression in preparation for WoD. Thus we are mass recruiting many players.

Who is Ctrl Alt Elitè
Ctrl Alt Elitè has risen up during MoP, and is a established and well regarded guild in the Oceanic raiding scene. Having maintained our constant top server rankings throughout expansion and patches, we set our sights on a much more ambitious goal for Siege of Ogrimmar, to be the top Khaz'goroth raiding guild. With that in mind, we are now pushing and strive further forward to break through new ranking heights.

Raid Times
We raid at 11pm server time (9:00pm gmt 8+) till 2am server time, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Ctrl Alt Elitè Wants You!
With our diverse raiders from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, USA, we are looking for the following that are prepared and focused on maintaining cutting edge progression on our 13man per team roster. We are also preparing for WoD Mythic 20men raid roster.

Currently Recruiting - Team 1

Range DPS

Restoration Shaman


2nd team is recruiting dps of all classes, they are 2/14H

*Note: All exceptional players of any class & spec are encouraged to apply as well!

If you are interested in joining us please respond via forum post on http://www.controlelite.com or
you can pst myself (Priom#1421), Khramps (Fisto#1453) or Ren (Midnight#6666) in game!
Still looking
Gratz for getting Iron Qon heroic down!
moving on up!
still lfm.
pst for team 2 information as well. flexistyle atm
after 2 tanks, 1 healer and 1 mdps for team 2!
LFM pls
moving on up
after a melee for team 1 and tank!!
moving on up
Still looking for a Tank? Im 5/13H exp 532 Prot pally
update - 7/13H, need a tank or dps
10/13H - Once again recruiting guys! new website at www.controlelite.com
need people for 5.4
recruiting open for heroic progression!
4/14 now!

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