SPROI 3/13H LF Tank/Ranged 7pEST

Shoulda put ranch on it is looking to expand to a 12-13person roster.

This does not mean you will be full time bench, it means you will take turns raiding.
If you can only raid 2/3 of the days or even 1/3 of the days, that's perfect.

If you'd rather skip all this reading and would want to have a verbal interview, contact me in game @ ampdup#1754

A bit about us:
Mumble is used.
No website.
No application.
We're currently 3/13H with very near kills on 2 more bosses.
Raiding days/times: Tuesday, Saturday and Monday 7:00p.m.-10:00p.m. EST
Mature/Laid back/Adult guild with progression-focused players.

We started at the beginning of Mists and have had many come and go, but the current team has been around for a good half of a year together. Due to RL people obviously can't make raid the full amount within a month, but having to pug on any given night can slow progression down very much so, with that said we need a few more people to keep things rolling.

What we need:
As far as classes go, we could use a pick of the following(combo packs welcome also):

Death Knight - Blood
Druid - Guardian, Balance
Hunter - None, atm
Mage - Any spec
Monk - Brewmaster
Paladin - Protection
Priest - Shadow w/Disc or Holy OS
Rogue - None, atm
Shaman - Elemental w/Restoration OS
Warlock - Any spec
Warrior - Protection

What I expect:
For starters, please no keyboard turners, bad experience there
Under 500 ilvl need not apply
Players that want to progress, meaning wiping involved
Raiders with quick reaction, don't panic, and act accordingly to situations
Experience is a plus, having logs an even bigger plus
Players to not expect to have everything handed to them, example: take a flask, leave a lotus

Enchants, feasts and guild repairs are supplied, but for flasks and potions bring something to the table.

Again: ways to contact me - ampdup#1754 or in game, or if anyone is on in -Shoulda put ranch on it- just whisper them for details as well.
why does everyone need tanks i feel special
Hey Amp!
Still have to deal with a certain Vegan? ;)
why does everyone need tanks i feel special

Because good tanks are really hard to come by. There's a lot of really bad tanks abound, or they have tanks that aren't the "op" classes (paladin/monk)

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