Holy pally heroic tot question

We're just starting heroics and my question is do I still max mastery first or should I change to crit or haste for the amount of burst damage that is taken ...
Personally i like haste up to 3500 then mastery then crit. Seems to work out okay though my gear is still pretty lackluster.
Haste isn't particularly good unless you're getting Eternal Flame ticks out of the deal. By that I mean it's not a bad stat by any means, but you should only be reforging into juuust enough to get you to your EF breakpoint. After that point, you should be putting the rest into Crit (if you're aiming for a Crit/Haste build). If you're going for a Mastery build, then it doesn't seem like most go for EF breakpoints unless they're very close to one innately, you're over one right now though, so it's of course something to keep in mind.

Basically, it's 3506 or 7170 for extra EF ticks, unless you don't have the spell haste buff present. Going up to 7170 is definitely out of the ordinary.

It's really not cut and dry which stat priority is "better" at the moment, since they function in different ways. The Haste to EF breakpoint -> Crit stacking leads to higher raw healing throughput but you do trade your absorb potential, and a lot of healers do hate the RNG component of Crit rating. Mastery is no longer miles ahead of the other stats, but it is still very viable.

I still do reforge exclusively into Spirit/Mastery in my holy set but uh, that's because it's my offset that I never do real raids in, and frankly LFR just has such an insane overheal rate that boosting my absorbs is the only way I'm going to snipe enough HPS to look good on the meters. (I know where it's at.)

I will say though, the Illumination glyph is still typically a quite bad idea, especially if you're not running a Crit build. I can just eyeball your stats right now and tell you that it's gimping your mana regen by a pretty colossal amount. The Beacon of Light glyph adds a stellar mechanic (to the point where it's almost mandatory) and has no drawback, hint hint :-D

(Nitpick: Put movespeed on your boots, because there are quite a few fights that mandate taking Speed of Light rather than PoJ, and having some sort of passive move speed is still really good.)

Oh god I need to update my sticky for 5.3. Also, hello fellow Kargathian!

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