Wrathion - Fire Mage POV - Spoilers

Wow it took me quite a few attempts to down him due to the fact that the graphics for crumbling arc lies. There is no safe zone directly behind arc to his right or left. If you go directly behind Wrathion though you will not get damaged.

That was my big ah ha! moment.

Reign of Fire is interruptable.

His mirror images can be easily Aoe'd down with the arcane explosion glyph.

Any other questions, feel free to ask below.

anyone have any troubles?
His elemental adds are murdering me. How do you deal with them? You UI is so ... odd... that I have no idea what's going on. Cat noises?
HAha I borrowed the Weak Aura's from another fire mage and I guess he had cat noises for procs.

Shrug. I've been too lazy to modify it.

Anyways to deal with adds, use whatevr you can to slow them down. Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, and keep dotting them up with nether tempest. Dragon's breath also disorientate for addition time to move away from them. If you can combust + spread with Wrathion that would work well as well.

Mages have so much tools available to them. Blink, Blazing Speed, Frost Nova, Pet Freeze (Frost mage), Cone of Cold, Glyphed Frost Nova, Dragon's Breath, Frost bomb, Ring of Frost, and Even Mirror Image. Ice block and wait for Blink works as well.

You have a lot of time to dps Wrathion if you just run straight for him when he does his crumbling arc and go behind him. You will also be rewarded with 3x damage.

Hence my 850k pyroblasts. You can probably get him really low at the start with combustion. If I could redo that video I would change some things in the fight.
Looked at the video....you managed to get hit by the elements and still survive. The rest of us get one shot. What Cheat code are you using?
↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A
What the hell is that dying cat noise?

I one shot this, I didnt even know this was the Challenge till after I hit him. I found it to be pretty easy. I dont think I killed any of the adds, just used nova, CoC, Pet Freeze. I dont remember seeing a lot of the stuff you did. I think he died in about a minute.

Seems to me that you focused on the adds too much or maybe I just lucky. Idk but I didnt have any trouble with this at all but I also did it as Frost.
I spent 3 hours and over 300g in repairs trying to get this fight down and I still don't have my cloak. I've been getting every bug you can possibly imagine like him spawning double sets of elemental adds at the same time, constantly turning to face me even though he is 'blindfolded', and his arc doing damage to me through my ice barrier even though I'm a good 10 yards out of it or standing behind him nuking.

I wouldn't mind having to try over and over due to buggy mechanics if dying would reset my cds so I didn't have to wait 5-10 mins between every attempt.
I tried again this morning, wiped once due to bad footwork then got it! Only thing I changed, LB to NT. Derp. LOL YAY!!!! Also helped that he wasn't constantly respawning the adds.

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