Looking for a Guild

I'm just coming back to playing wow after taking a long break after being burned out from hardcore raiding. I've played in and with some of the top US guilds,

Member of Blades of Wrath - Icecrown - US - previous ranked US 58th in the us during tier 11 (25 man) and US 44th in tier 13 (25 man)

Wendigo Brewing Co. - Alterac Mountans - Always Realm 2nd to Vodka for tiers 8- 10

And raiding with friends from Vodka, Trample, and Dark Bane. But at this point I'm looking for a casual guild that raids and pvps but manages to get stuff done in the process. I'm currently leveling this druid and may transfer another toon over depending on the situation. But you guys need to be friendly, fun, and know when to cut the chatter and get stuff done when needed while managing to have fun. If you're interested feel free to add me with this toon or my battletag is karma#1146.


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