My simple idiot's guide to PVP Fire in 5.3...

Who am I?

No one special.

I have never done anything great in PVE or PVP, but I love playing PVP and I am really liking fire. I have taking a ton of time lately to learn the way I wanted to and making it efficient for PvP.

My background is just playing with my friends, getting 2's cap, getting gear to stay geared enough to not get blown out of the water, and just hope a few times in a BG or in an Arena I can blow someone up and smile.

But I wanted to share what I have learned so many others can add to this, or give out tips, or learn and try out fire, which is great fun.

I have read up on Skilled-Cap with Hansol's fire guides, but those aren't practical.

If you can really get yourself into a scenario where you can pull off 6 pyroblasts with them just sitting there to take it, well there is a good chance you didn't need 6 blasts to kill them, as they suck. But again, I am a scrub, so what do I know?

What I do know is a few different scenarios to really pump out the deeps when you are setup, and I wanted to share since I can't sleep and needed to do something.

Step #1 - Stats, Glyphs, Gear, and Talents

I go mostly crit and haste reforge. Gem Int, int-hit, and int-crit.

Glyph of Deep Freeze in a must for this.

Talents are on my armory.

I went blazing speed as I love getting away. Again, this is how I play and how I like to have fun. I love sprinting away.

Also I went with Greater Invis. It's a great get out a jail card, and it helps me set up my Hot Streak. (more on this below)

Frost jaw is the best. Stupid ring of frost isn't great since its not instant (with POM - which is why I get blazing speed), and people are too smart just to stand there to get a guaranteed freeze. Frost jaw is 100%, if only at the most for a second, which is enough time to deep freeze after.

Firebomb is great, as its instant and can't get interrupted.

Incanters ward, since the others just suck.

Step #2 - Get a HOT STREAK!!

A few ways to do this:

1 - Inferno blast, run around for until CD is off, and another inferno blast. This is boring, but this does work if you aren't getting trained.

2 - Inferno blast, sheep, wait until IB is off CD, inferno blast. Against a melee, you can IB, Dragon Breath, and sheep, and IB. This is a safe way to do this since they cant stop your casting of sheep. Against a caster, instead of Breath, silence, then sheep, or can can even Breath if you are in range.

3 - Inferno blast, go instant invis, wait until IB CD is done, and IB again.

4 - Make a macro that looks like this:
/cast combustion
/cast inferno blast

So you can IB, wait until GCD, and hit the macro. With combust being off the GCD and resetting IB, you can do two really fast IB to get HOT STREAK.

5 - Just run around spamming scorch until you get a crit, then hit IB. This is RNG since you can crit in your first, or 101st scorch...the aforementioned ways are more reliable.

Step #3 - KILL!!

Once you have HOT STREAK, time to cause the fun pain!

Make this macro or something like this:

/use "jade DPS pot"
/cast deep freeze (will be instant if glyphed)
/cast pyroblast

Scenario 1, THEY DO NOT HAVE A TRINKET ready to go (MOST DAMAGE):

cast nova or frostjaw (so they are frozen for deep freeze)
Cast fireball, not scorch, the fireball needs time to travel as you...
This will cast deep freeze, and a pyroblast behind the initial fireball
(the fireball and pyroblast hitting will give you another HOTSTREAK)
As this pyroblast is traveling, you hit the OTHER MACRO (combust and IB)
The combust and IB will get another HOT STREAK as the pyro from your FIRST MACRO is hitting, give you another heating up at least, if not another pyro.

Either way, they won't be dead, but they will be close. Again, this is practical compared to the ONE SHOT macro which involves alter times, like 6 pyros, and everything being perfect. This is too hard to pull of.

And I will tell you like all the other pro mages didn't tell you, A LOT OF STUFF CAN MESS THIS UP. They can have a warlock or priest shields up, and stupid warrior can reflect, etc. So as you get more experience and if you can get them to pop defensive CDs early, you can make this work at a higher percentage.

Scenario 2, they might have a trinket ready and you aren't sure and just want to cause as much damage as possible before they trinket.

From my experience, people aren't super fast with the trinket, so this will work consistently. If they have a trinket ready and you are trying to use Hansol's method of 6 pyros during which most are hitting during the deep freeze, that will NEVER WORK. Things are rarely that perfect in ANY SITUATION.

Cast Frost jaw or Nova
USE THE MACRO!!! (you don't have time to cast the other fireball as in the other scenario
This will sent a pyroblast as they are deep frozen
IMMEDIATELY use the other macro which has COMBUST AND IB
cast this pyro and that is it

Guaranteed damage! They won't be as close to dying as from the other scenario but they will be hurt, enough to make them run off, or play defense, or who knows, maybe they don't care and still want to hurt you. At least you caused damage.

This has worked for me since when trying the ONE SHOT macros of other fire mages, if things aren't perfect, you just wasted a POM, and DEEP FREEZE, and ALTER TIME, and have nothing left to hurt them with. Then you are like, WTF!??!??! Panic, since you just blow all your crap for nothing, then they are at 100% health and you are off to play defense and surely lose this fight by getting killed or having to run off and hide.

So scenario 1 and 2 are great to use in actual scenarios.

Again, I am not that great, but this works for people in arena not over 2200, or in high rated RBGs, or normal, BGs.

This is just a guide for those people that have a full time job, or kids, or GFs, or don't have time to be superior and just want to have fun who don't like frost.

Maybe there are ways to get the ONE SHOT macro to work, but I am done trying, figured out my way, and wanted to share.

Hope this helped at least one mage!

Pom is way better fyi
Pom is way better fyi

yeah and how often do you use it?

All the time but thanks for being an a
better than being an h?
i like how out of no where this shaman is like and how often do you use it? im sorry shammmy do u play his mage for him? js
i like how out of no where this shaman is like and how often do you use it? im sorry shammmy do u play his mage for him? js

I like your guide and this is exactly what I do. Other things I might add are situational.

One thing you might have covered is using spellsteal. I use it constantly, and regen mana through glyphed evocation. And in passing, I dont think incanters ward is nearly as useful as evocation talented. That quick self heal is all we have in the way of self heals!

I glyph armors, evocation and deep freeze.
This guide isn't all that practical . Pom is miles better in 90% of situations, and greater invis is only good if you're playing with a rogue In arena. You're sacrificing a solid opener and a second block +30% heal for a decent vanish. Using combustion for a pyro proc is risky as well when you could line it up for a deep freeze for more burst. Lets say you're fighting a hunter and he marks you or a feral Farie fires you, your greater invis won't do a thing. hard casting fireball is also risky at times since they can trinket interrupt you but it usually works. Good players won't let you cast frost jaw, so that's why Pom is so huge for getting that on demand surprise burst, otherwise, decent guide
Looks like he gave up on fire
i like how out of no where this shaman is like and how often do you use it? im sorry shammmy do u play his mage for him? js

This guy doesn't know that they know each other...
Hi I play arcane mage pvp

Why is fire unwieldy for me?

30% crit
18% pvp haste

Scorch weaving is hard
want small satchel of advice for 2s50c.

also flamestrike crits should give 28% chance for hot streak, plz
Greater invis also gives you 3 seconds of 90% damage reduction, doesn't it? Or does that not work if you don't actually go invis (due to fairie fire or whatever)
Greater invis also gives you 3 seconds of 90% damage reduction, doesn't it? Or does that not work if you don't actually go invis (due to fairie fire or whatever)

It works no matter what.
I feel like I have to throw in my hat on one other thing. Glyph of Ice Block, Cold Snap, and Glyph of Deep Freeze.

I've found it remarkably versatile, and if I manage to get lucky and have a hot streak going in I can snap from being on the defensive, to blowing them to smithereens in a flash.

Catch a rogue without their cooldowns? Follow it up with a PoM + AT and you can pump them full of 4-5 Pyros and a Combust. They melt.

I've even caught feral druids with their pants down if I use a blanket silence right. And since the majority of my personal PvP is random BG's - hardly any of them ever expect it.

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