504 Frost DK LF late night raiding guild

I'm just coming back from a break and looking to raid. Depending on the day, start times need to be 9 or 10, or after. 10 or 25, I have no preference. I have no exp in the current tier except LFR, but I have been in top guilds before. I have a lot of experience downing bosses in current tiers, just looking for a new home now to start this tier. 3/16H 16/16N in T14. I learn very quick, I have read up on every fight in ToT and watched vids. I have enough flasks/pots to last a lifetime. 9/9 Golds. Battletag - #Zonged1587
look us up www.ouroborosguild.com. this is my horde alt btw, recent transfer has left my main toon in limbo on forums.
Bump, 508 ilvl now

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