(H) Standard Deviation 3/13 H 25 man LFM

<Standard Deviation> of Blackrock is a 25 man guild full of adult raiders, great atmoshpere for players 21+ a very respectful environment. Good times, good laughs, good game, dead boss...

(If you are under 21, don't bother apping, we raid when the kids go to bed, don't want to deal with them in our fun time)

We experience and kill all the HM content in every content release with only a 9 hour raid week, we accomplish this through an experienced raid roster and an extremely active and collaberative raid forums while we are offline between raids.

Log review experience and the ability to articulate thoughts in these forums are required elements of our membership.

We are looking for:

Heals - MW Monk preferred, may accept Resto Sham
DPS - Rogue

Raid schedule: Tues/ Wed/ Thurs - 8:00-11:00 pm PST (We start on time, we end on time)

Visit www.SDguild.net for more information, news, and forums.

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