Extempore 1/13H New Transtioned 25 LFM

EXTEMPORE is currently looking for 3-4 exceptional raiders to join our core. We (Extempore) have recently transitioned to 25 man.

Raids are 8:30 PM-11:30 PM Tuesday, 8 PM-11 PM Wednesday and Sunday

Our Current Progression
5/13 H TOT(Jin'rokh, Horridon,Tortos, Ji-Kun, Iron Qon) Pre 25 man.
1/13 H TOT 25 man

What we are looking for?
We are looking for reliable, dedicated, exceptional players who can demonstrate a broad understanding of their class and of PvE mechanics.

Reliable -- This means that you can make our raids (at least 90% attendance). When we are organizing something, we don't want to have any set backs by not having our ideal set of classes and players online. Being reliable also means that your Internet connection is sturdy and you are not in a situation where you may be unable to play for a couple of hours in a row.

Dedicated -- This means that you do everything possible to maximize your own efficiency. Go online and find strategies, Being dedicated is an important trait we look for in our raiders as we try to keep a small and tight roster.

Exceptional -- This does not just mean moving out of fire or colorful circles. Although those are positive traits we are looking for, being exceptional means that if *!!% hits the fan you will be able to adapt and react accordingly. You will need fast reaction times and good situational awareness.

Mainly however, we are looking for someone who fits in with our guild. You should be able to take a joke and have a good sense of humor, but also be willing to take constructive criticism and communicate with the rest of the guild.

Recruitment needs

We are especially looking for the following classes:
Ret Paladin
Shadow Priest
Warlocks (I'd like to get 2)
Any other exceptional Melee would be fantastic!

1x Tank(Paladin) We are currently looking for a Tank. A Tank that has Knowledge, Awareness and Great Reaction Times. Regardless of you being a newly recruit. A tank has to be a leader, and that is what we are looking for.

Gear Requirements-- We believe that Skill Is always better than gear, but we do require that you are 12/12N TOT, but Prefer that you have killed at least 1 Heroic boss this tier.

If you are interested, head over to our guild website; extempore-sargeras.enjin.com and post an application. If you wish to speeak with us Directly, whisper and officer in game/Battletag. Thanks.

Kriixical - Kriix#1890
Gladwrap - meg#1263
Miethos - Miethos#1188
Still looking for a few more raiders!
Bump for Success!
Extempore Hoa!
528 Holy Paladin


500 Ret Paly (has other alts to choose from)

We just xfered to this server and are looking for a home. Your raid times work with our schedule. I've killed HJin HJi and attempted HHor (20% ish). My friend has gone through most of normal modes. Hit me up in game if interested.

Thank you!

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