best mage spec 5.3

my ms is fire on pve now but my os is frost mage pvp spec. i want to know which one is the best now do i play fire on pvp and arcane on pve?? i heard that arcane is topping now and frost is second and fire is last on pve but not sure with pvp i love playing with fire frankly but i want to be a good mage also so fun and been awesome together if i have to sacrifice fire to just top dps than i will do it. what you guys think?? which spec is best for pvp and pve?
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At your gear level you want to play frost in at least pve. Around 35-40%ish crit you can start looking at fire as something that may surpass frost or match it.

I dont know much about pvp, but frost would probably be fine.
dw about my gear because i have the rest of my pve gear on my bag i use some pvp gears in pvp only so i put some pve gears on my pvp while i farm honor points for more pvp gears. anyway thanks
Frost will be a lot better with your gear for quite some time.
Frost for PvP.

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