Highborne 1/13H Recruiting for Core

Area 52
Team Top Gun (1/13H)

W-F 9-12 Server is looking for an experienced Tank or DPS(No Pally/Priest/Lock). 12/12 with some Heroic Attempts would be preferred.

Team Late Night

The are currently 9/12 . They have an excellent base, and just need to fill some spots that are being filled by alts currently.

They have a current need for a Shaman, Monk, or Priest Healer, and a DPS. A potential applicant should have experience in ToT, and be skilled with their character.

They raid Wed - Fri 1AM to 4AM Server with the occassional cleanup Monday.

We provide Feasts, Repairs, and half price flasks for members of the raiding teams.

If you feel that this might be a fit for you, please feel free to message Hachoo, Chaegrin, or Demonicdude for more information.

You may also btag me @ Spork#1647
Still looking for the right individuals, who can commit, show up prepared, and on time!
Bumping for new needs!
Hey my name is Joseph. I'm currently looking for a new raiding guild and it peaked my interest when I saw you have put in heroic attempts. My prot item level is 524 and my arms dps set is 514. I'm 3/13 heroic with many attempts on heroic Iron Qon. You can add my battle tag "Joseph#1442" to talk to me in game.

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