Prot priority rotation

Hi guys! I'm having a problem with prot's rotation:

*Single Target Priority*

Crusader Strike -> Judgment -> Filler -> Crusader Strike -> Judgment -> Filler

And so forth. This prioritizes on building Holy Power. If Grand Crusader procs, simply use it during the Filler phase. Filler should be used with these spells in the following order of priority:

- Hammer of the Righteous if debuff has dropped / about to drop
- Avenger’s Shield (whether Grand Crusader procs or not)
- Holy Wrath
- Execution Sentence (if talented for)
- Consecration
- Sacred Shield (roughly when it’s on its last tick or within the last 5 seconds)
- Holy Prism (if talented for)
- SotR, so long as you have 3 HP up (ideally you want 5).

I'm having a lot of dead time between a filler spell and the next crusader strike. Should I use 2 filler spells instead?

Also, should I replace CS with HotR instead of a filler? Because they have the same cd.
You use HotR instead of CS to keep up Weakened blows for single target. That's its only use for single target.

If you have time to use 2 filler spells before any of your HoPo generators come off of cd, then by all means you should use them.
That priority system is pretty off-base, not sure where you got it from.

CS and Judgement don't have the same cooldowns, so they don't line up that way. You prioritize CS(or HotR), then Judgement, then AS (if you have a Grand Crusader proc, which would give you a charge of Holy Power), and then whatever filler ability would be highest DPS.

Basically, CS (again, or HotR, but I'll just say CS for simplicity's sake) is the backbone of your rotation and should always be every third global cooldown. So:

CS - x - x - CS - x - x - CS - x - x -CS

Judgement is available for every fourth global. It will definitely cool down at the same time as CS at times, but in those cases you should be using CS over Judgement because that works out to more Holy Power.

CS - Judge - x - CS - x - Judge - CS - x - x - CS - Judge - x - CS

The X's just mean whatever filler abilities you use. Avenger's Shield with Grand Crusader up is the only one that would generate Holy Power, and thus has the highest priority. Sacred Shield scales ridiculously well with Vengeance AP, so I would not only aim to keep a very high uptime on that with my spare globals, but also I would reapply it if I gain a much higher Vengeance value than I had with my initial application.

Your other filler abilities are just pure DPS, I guess. Holy Wrath hits harder than Consecrate for single-target, while Consecrate hits harder for AoE. (I really don't know the exact cut-off, and it likely depends on your attack power levels too. /shrug) I also avoid putting level 90 talents into a strict rotation because their power varies so much depending on your current Vengeance AP, and because in a raid setting you're likely using Light's Hammer and Holy Prism for their healing potential anyways, which means you're absolutely willing to lose a charge of Holy Power to use them.

Shield of the Righteous is not "filler"...

It's off the global cooldown entirely and is kind of the focus of our Holy Power generation. I really would be suspicious of wherever you got that info O.o
I really would be suspicious of wherever you got that info O.o

It's from the stickied Prot guide here on the Paladin forums and while it's dated the info is still generally good.

It says in effect the same thing you just spent a post detailing, not sure what your specific problem is with it.
The quoted info is so incorrect it hurts, so it's obviously not correct.

I also just read through it a bit. He seems to imply that it's okay to tank with Seal of Truth/Righteousness as long as you're "keeping yourself healthy and alive" rather than the reality, which is that Seal of Insight is the no-brainer tank seal unless you're not actively tanking anything or you're tanking something that basically cannot kill you.

The quoted info is so incorrect it hurts, so it's obviously not correct.

How is it so incorrect from what you said in your own post?

In order of importance it does go CS/HoTR-Judgement-Proced AS/Strongest available Filler.

You said the same exact thing in your post for the most part, I think you're misinterpreting what that priority list is implying.

06/10/2013 06:54 PMPosted by Tailias
He seems to imply that it's okay to tank with Seal of Truth/Righteousness

Look how old the guide is, this is back before such things were a complete no brainer.
He updated it on 3/5/13. That was three months ago. Not to mention that Seal of Insight has been a no-brainer "use this if you're actually tanking" choice for the entire expansion, since our actual DPS seals contribute such a trivial amount of damage compared to the major amount of healing (and spell haste - which helps quite a bit with Sacred Shield) that SoI provides.

And I pretty clearly explained how the priority thing he listed is wrong. He doesn't explain how CS and Judgement don't line up. He also lists our "filler" abilities in an incorrect order, and lists Shield of the Righteous as if it's our lowest priority GCD ability rather than what it is - the entire reason Holy Power exists for us. And it's not even on the GCD at all...

That guide wasn't correct when it was written. At no point was that information correct.
Before Truth was nuked into the ground for Prot Insight was not a no brainer and SoR can still be useful for snap threat, not that it's needed.

Yes SoL is what you should always be running, especially with Battle Healer, and the guide says you can pretty much always run SoL.

As for the rotation you just explained it in a wordier way then the guide stated it, perhaps the guide is a bit unclear.

Pretty sure everyone gets that SoTR is the primary focus of our Holy Power building, HoTR was just listed as the alternative to CS when it's required, every other filler was listed in order of power and priority.

Guide isn't perfect, especially with some of it being dated, but it's not nearly as horrible as you're painting it.
The guide didn't really explain the rotation in a way that someone who doesn't already play the class would understand. Same goes for your logic that "pretty sure everyone gets that SotR is the primary focus of Holy Power" well, I mean, it's a 101 guide... you should probably be spelling it out for people rather than being contradictory or intentionally confusing.

Also, Seal of Truth was gutted to be worthless about a week into MoP. I remember it was shortly after I hit 90. Hence my "the whole expansion" comment.
To be fair, Bassm said he was going to rewrite the rotation parts, but it looks like he never got around to it.

*looks for a stick to prod him* Where is he anyway?
Ty for the answers guys! Now i'm pretty sure i've grasped the basics!

And yes, the prot sticky is a bit misleding, that's why I asked :P
For the record, I really prefer Wrathblood's guide over at EJ.

He does a really good job of laying out the basics and the intermediate, a bit of the advanced stuff, and he puts out a pretty broad scope of ideas for some of the things that people perpetually disagree about (stat priority) without really picking sides and saying "this is the ONLY way to do things, you HAVE to do THIS".

It's a good in-depth guide. :-P

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