Invisibility not working?

On multiple occasions now i've experienced opposing players in arena being able to target and pull me out of invisibility like it wasn't even applied. WHAT'S THE DEAL?!
I have to ask... was the match going for at least 45 seconds before you were spotted?

Or possibly did you have a large red arrow trying to penetrate your skull?
neither, fresh out of the starting gates.
Probably your pet. Wait until the fight starts to go invis or send your pet off in another direction.
It's happened to me too!! Not because of my pet either, I had a warrior literally charge me (they have to target you) while I was fresh out of the gate invisible!!! As if I never even cast the spell! Only has happened twice though..
It's a bug. Sometime players can see you through invis. Sometime your pet bugs out and doesn't go invis. etc. It SUCKS. :c

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