[H]<zZq> 10/14H LF healer & ranged dps

Raid and Recruitment info
<zZq> is a 10m horde Mal'Ganis guild
Guild website: www.zzqguild.com
We raid 10 mans Tue, Thu, Sun, at 8PM - 11:30pm sever time.

We are currently 10/14H SoO

Current recruitment needs:
healer: monk/druid preferred. [No shamans/priests please!]
ranged dps: everything!

All prospective raiders should have an ilvl of at least 550 and their legendary cloak.

If you are an exceptional player and you class/spec is not listed here feel free to still apply. All applications will be considered.

About Us
Light Raiding Schedule - We raid 3 days per week, 4 hours per night, from invites to raid disband. Many of us have real jobs, and have to get up early the next morning, so we rarely deviate from this standard.

Well-Established - Unlike the latest guild with a Latin name and bold proclamations about getting the next world first, zZq will not be disbanding in 2 months, with the GM looting the guildbank and eBaying. zZq marked 6 years on Mal'Ganis on 8/28/11, and while people have come and gone, some of our members still remember our first tentative steps into Molten Core.

Flexible Raid Group - Many of our raiders make good use of duel spec as well as having alts on hand. This ensures that we can maintain a proper raid group despite the many surprises that real life often brings.

What we're looking for
Reliability and Punctuality - We expect raiders to be available for all regular raids. If other obligations, complications, or plans arise that preclude you from making a raid, we have an active forum and calendar system where you can let us know you won't make it. Invites begin at 8pm, and if you are late you will likely be sitting the raid out.

Preparedness - This includes having appropriate spec, gear, and consumables to preform your role. Researching boss fights beforehand will result in much shorter explanations pre-fight, and far less sighing in your general direction when you die to fire.

Good Attitude - About the guild, your role, your spec, and life in general. Nobody likes a whiner.

For more information pst me in game [Battletag: Spambot#1573*] or visit our forums at www.zzqguild.com/forums/ to apply

*be sure to leave a note so I know you're not a goldseller
Still looking for ranged dps and healers
Just a small town girl
Updated with current recruitment needs.
living in a lonely wooorld
doot doo doo doo doot
updated 9/14 wheeeeeeeeee

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