90 Shaman LF GUILD! Active And Friendly

Hello Darkspear.

I have finally got my shaman on Darkspear.
and i am looking for a small to mid size active guild to join
i am level 90 but i am currently gearing still as in not raids/arena/Rbgs ready yet.
i am currently running heroics to get into raid finder and Bgs to get better gear.

Spec's For PVE-MS-Elemental OS-Resto
Spec's For PVP-MS Resto OS-Elemental
im not much of a melee person anymore
but i will prob grind melee gear when i am bored
and both of my gear sets are looking solid.

I am active and online Everyday
i use the WoW Remote App All the time
so i am always in contact with the guild at all times On and Off Game.
I live in Canada so i am living in the EST time zone.
Have a part time job as well And "Thursday" Are a total NO GO for me on any PM Raids
Until 11 EST Time. Then i am good for the night.
Any other days i can work my days around the raid times when it gets to that point.
(if any mix up for work needs me on a raid day i can give 24 H or more notice to the raid leader) so u have more then enough time to swap in another.

If There is any other Questions Plz Whisper Me @ Honeylust *in game name*
Or Add My RealID Explicit#1320

Thanks For Everything
For The Alliance!
If you like city raid and epic wpvp you should join my guild

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