Holy PVP: Mastery vs Crit

I see that most of the top players have switched to crit but a few have stayed with mastery.

For those of you that have switched to crit, have you noticed better numbers?
Although I havent done much high rated arenas this season but last season when I was running kitty cleave @2500 I found crit to be better due to the fact it can give you more procs and I don't see you being able to stack shields up too often since it is time/mana consuming.
5.2 mastery
5.3 crit
depends on your personal playstyle and the comp you play.

i personally like crit, but mastery has its advantages.
I switched to crit for 5.3

Also see below twitter quote, we need to get this fixed.

Ishayu ‏@IshayuG 13 Jun
@JoOfHarmony @holinka I know. Mastery and Guardian seems to do some battle fatigue doubledipping. If this goes away, your healing will go up

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