Ok so apparently we ARE recruiting!

Not quite ready for Primetime Raiders

Divine Carnage is a level 25 guild newly transferred to Turalyon. We're looking to recruit for 2 raid teams to run tier 14 heroic and tier 15 normal (maybe a few heroic bosses as well) content throughout the summer and hit the last raid of the expansion in full force.

We're going to be raiding midweek 2 night a week (days and hours are negotiable) as well as friday and saturday nights (looking to run 8 server to 11 server)

We need all roles with a premium on tanks, healers and ranged dps (we have solid melee spots filled but have room for 1 or 2 more)

The guild was 6/12 ToT normal before guild drama and realm transfer. We're looking for solid and reliable people who want to raid, progress and most importantly have a good time downing bosses.

We want a low stress no drama raid environment, we're a tight knit and very social guild and we're looking for people who will fit into that mold. We don't need or want huge ego's, nasty attitudes and people who go apoplectic if they wipe more than 4 times on a boss where most of the raid hasn't seen the encounter yet.
I can teach someone how to be better at their toon, how to work their way through boss fights, I can't teach someone how to be a fun person to be around. Attitude goes as afar as skill, so long as you listen and want to get better we can work with you, better yet, be a good player and a laid back fun person to hang with and it's a win win.

I also have a potential slot open for a raid leader for one of the teams if anyone is interested.

Most of our guildies are long time players who been around since BC or before, we're a mature and adult guild, 21 and over only.

If you're interested drop me a note in game or send me a battlenet add @ Bloodgod#1142

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