Mage 496 Looking for ToT Progression

I'm currently looking for a new Home. I'm struggling to find a group that is consistent in ToT progression (attendance).

HM exp in MSV and HOF
Current dps id on 108k
Would prefer a 10man but have excellent gear to do 25man or 10man.
Been playing mage for 2 weeks and can play any spec needed to roughly 100k dps.

Pst me ingame or leave a reply. Anything atm that is consistent would be amazing.
Hi there Mr mage! (I'm a mage to and we are cool)

Surge is looking for a mage they got some good players in that group I see your only 496 but if you can
Quote by Asyx

Looking for a great DPS able to dodge mechanics and press buttons, but at the same time!

Then you will be just fine! ^_^ Have a chat to them and good luck finding a home.

Snow the mage!

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