im looking to play a ret or warrior...

i am trying to figure out which one has the best burst as the name implies. I have both at 85 and a guildie of mine suggested a Ret Palli over a warrior I like both but still not sure which has the better burst for pvp thanks ahead of time
Ret has some of the best burst in the game. Holy Avenger+Avenging Wrath+Guardian of Ancient Kings is 20 seconds of insane damage, but you'll be a huge CC magnet. I believe only hunters can burst stronger than we can.
ret do great against other melee clases but are way way gimp against casters

warrior is better at getting at casters then ret but ret will pwn warrior

blizz really needs to balance the classes but i guess it's just the nature of the game.
yeh I made a similar post on the warrior page and they say the burst is about the same but a warrior is harder to control then ret. hhmm hard choice
You also can't ignore that a large part of playing Ret is off-healing and support. If that's something you'll like the spec that I once saw dubbed "Medic With a Shotgun"
hahahahah nice, yeh ret has way better healing then warrior. but are rets more fragile then warriors?

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