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Now that Apple is supporting OpenGL 4.1 in OS X Mavericks does that mean that Blizzard finally has enough resources to get the Mac client to be as speedy as the Windows Client. Whenever I run on my windows partition on my Mac I get about 30% faster FPS and I can enable extra features like the new water and sunshafts. Anyhow I was under the impression that Blizzard made something called GLL to help Mac get to these features since at the time OpenGL 2.X was all that was supported. Now that we have legitimate 4.1 perhaps we can move away from GLL.

GLL was not some replacement to OpenGL. it was still OpenGL. what was special about it is that it was basically OpenGL 2.1 with a bunch of 3.0 extensions used that were added in 10.6.3+. It was the move from opengl 2.1 to opengl 2.1/3.0 hybrid (because there was no full 3.x profile yet). yes it was mainly for enabling additional features like the shadows and such added toward end of wrath among other things.
GLL is the graphics engine not the underlying technology it uses.

I imagine S41DK will probably make a completely new engine to support Open GL 3.0/4.1 as it would be too hard IMHO to completely convert GLL to Open GL 3.0/4.1 (too many hacks , work arounds and duct taped code)

They've done this in the past with the mac graphics engines and it's a good way to transition people over while still keeping backwards compatibility for those on older operating systems.

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