Anyone do dailies as holy?

Was thinking of rolling a healer. Got a hpally to lvl 74. I can do quests and actually dps(when not needing to heal) in 5 mans pretty well. Is my damage still significant at 90 to the point where I could easily do dailies in holy spec? I'd rather not change to ret and get ret gear at 90 just to do them.
Doable, yes. Will you poke your eyeballs out? Yes.

On a serious note, it is viable, you just don't have much of an AOE type attack other than Light's Hammer on a 1m cd, so you'll just be tab targetting Holy Shock, Denounce, Judge (maybe) and Crusader Strike (maybe).

I'd recommend just grabbing a small ret set as time goes on...depends on what you want to do with your time.

Also keep in mind that while leveling, you're most likely "out-gearing" the content and if you have any twink-type items, you're secondary stats are through the roof. Thus, at 90 your Ilvl will be super low in comparison, so your damage probably will be as well.
Thanks for the reply. I'm usually a one spec guy on my toons. I have a hard time going heals on my monk. Specially starting fresh at 90. Just learning all abilities one by one and muscle memory is gained through leveling my characters. Throwing them all at me at once at 90 kind of sucks.

Hopefully ret isn't too complicated, yet I'll only need to know the basics at 90 I suppose to muddle through.
I was just asking this a month ago for my holy paly.

I agree with others on this thread.

Holy dps or 'Shockadin' is viable way to level and do dailies.


If you plan on doing a lot of dailies the significant dps gain you get from being ret for dailies will add up very quickly.

Gearing two specs is annoying and expensive but I would still suggest it for the amount of time you will save in the long run.

With the offspec loot change they just made in 5.3 it is now much easier to get off spec pieces.

I do my first random heroic senarios of the day as holy loot cause its my main spec and the 516 loot is awesome. Any other instances including raid finder I typically set my loot to ret unless there is a piece I still really need.

I use my valor and conquest points for Holy. Honor and justice for ret. New Barren's loot I use for my ret spec.

Get a great 2hder tho asap to help with yer Ret damage. I made the 502 craftable 2hder for my ret and having that really makes the difference for dps.
I basically do everything holy and bribe certain people with minis to assist me with things that'd take 50 hours to do otherwise.

I do Ony 10 alone though. EFF COMPANY MY MOUNT!

also get Glyph of HS/Glyph of Denounce for solo play.
I do dailies as holy. I can kill things pretty fast at this gear level, and I can survive. I tried out my ret spec recently but I still don't enjoy it. The ret gear is going to be DE'd and I'm going to enjoy having the extra bag space.

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