Are Rets viable now in RBG's?

Just curious guys, might dust off the level 40 Ret, just wondering how they are doing now?

I don't know anything about your class, and I really really don't mean this to troll, but as a lock you are super easy to kill, for me anyways.

I need a fun alternative to this guy, key word being fun, just for pubs and the occasional RBG.

To ret or not to ret?

Thanks in advance.
I'm leveling my pally ret for the first time since BC/LK, havent touched the ret spec since the huge nerf back at the end of LK, I'm enjoying it a lot now, easy to kill things 85-90, constant up time, not so much "chance" as it used to be for high dps,
just to let you know no one wants to have a ret pally in a rated bg. The only way to really get into one is if you know someone who leads one or your guild will let you run with them. Other wise if your looking for dps as melee do DK. (this is of course Rated BG)

Now with that said our burst is awesome (i dare say that no one can match what we can do in the 18 secs that we have) but when you do pop all your cds your a big target to either have cc or focus on. (we have no defense other then our bubble but when we pop our bubble damage is dropped 50%) Our cds are the brightest and easiest thing to see so its like having a huge target over our head.

We are only really good every two or three mins.

Pallys are mostly a support class our off heals are awesome
theyre fine. Just not in high end play unless your group is all of high end players. (Because all melee specs other than dk because gorfiend into solar beam, or rogue for bombs, are useless vs wizards)
Ahh a support class, no thanks. Call me selfish. :(
Ahh a support class, no thanks. Call me selfish. :(

Ret Paladins have always been a support class, our blessings have always been very powerful our off-healing saves many a life and being in plate and having a magic damping shield we can take a fair amount of punishment, and having stuns and now a mass blind brings a lot to the table ....if you haven't been using those to support your teammates than clearly the Ret Paladin, or just being a Paladin in general is not meant for you.

With that said, melee in general other than DKs are not really wanted in RBGs but if you can support like you are suppose to, CC and burst down key targets you will do fine.

I forget who said it, but..."A Paladin is only as powerful as the dedication of it's player."

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