Soliouss, slayer of Jambie


This 11th day of June 2013,

It has been officially decided that Soliouss (the warlock champion) again reigns supreme over the Stranglethorn Arena as he did before cross-server realms, by slaying Jambie the Weak countless times and establishing full dominance over the brainless fiend. Behold:

Behold how he constantly cries and complains, gets slain 1v1, and then finally gives up as he no longer even dismounts if I am present.

Long live Soliouss, slayer of Jambie the Weak!
Praise Soliouss for destroying the pathetic failure!
Where are all the twinks at that hate this loser
It's almost has if no one cares
Haha responses by an alt (probably Jambie) and then someone from his terrible guild, go figure.
idc about Jambie or you.

Casual pvp'er.
raped this kid like 50 times in one night, gf repairbill
This 1500 rated noob is horrible i wish i was there to give him repairbills
People who post as <level 10 on anon alts are just scared of their failure of a main.

Enjoy those repair bills
Why you posting on your alt shaman Gharok.
Who's Jambie and why should I care?

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