Invocation failing?

Anyone else have invocation failing to give the buff even though u let it do its full cast? The only stop cast macro I have is on combustion so I'm really not sure whats going on here. I had it fail on 3 casts in a row lol it was pretty annoying.
Yes, and as far as I am aware, Blizzard is at least aware of the problem. Haven't seen a Blue post about it yet though.
However, consider this - mage level 90 talents. And the frozen orb bug on Megaera hasn't been fixed since 5.2.
Basically Blizz is fully aware of the problems facing many mages (such as Invocation not working, yay 9 seconds of channelled spells just to get the same 15% damage buff an ele shammy has as passive) but seems to care very little.
Anyone playing since Vanilla will know that Blizzard employees survive solely on the tears of mage QQ.
Its ok we are still topping the meters regardless so perhaps this is their way to "silent nerf us".

But for some real talk: I tweeted it to GC and he responded with that it should have been fixed. If more people say or report the issue they may actually fix it.
It isn't fixed. I got the bug a few times in LFR yesterday.

I also wish they'd fix the "blinking under stairs" bug in the solo scenario, pisses me off to no end.
I used to have the bug maybe one a raid night at the most for a while, however tonight in our raid I was having it 3 times a pull minimum. Sometimes higher, never lower if it was supposed to be fixed in that patch today they sure did a terrible job. I was just going to switch to incanters ward for the night but I am skeptical of having the burst when I need it, I will probably try it tonight.
Why do you think there is no info about us in 5.4 yet?

Invocation: Now has a 50% chance to fail.
I have the same problem. It's frustrating to have it fail when I need it to score a kill quickly in an arena.
I believe it has something to do when you cast a spell quickly after evocation.
I believe it has something to do when you cast a spell quickly after evocation.

No, it has nothing to do with that. I can sit at a test dummy and just randomly invoke and I don't get the buff.
I believe it has something to do when you cast a spell quickly after evocation.

I thought the same thing at first. Recently though, I have seen invocation fail several times while I was standing still before a pull. Yesterday prior to our heroic Iron Qon pull, I had to cast invocation 3 times before I got the buff and I took absolutely no actions after the cast was complete.
Happens quite often. Im not sure what they changed or why but this wasnt a problem before the patch.

GC tweeted, too hard to fix. GG Mages - Deuces.

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