H ♦ WEEKEND 10M LF 1 Tank & DPS ♦

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Seeking players who want to raid on the weekends.

Beyond Contact is currently looking for mature, dedicated and talented players to be apart of our core team. You must come equipped with a passion for raiding, positive behaviour and be a team player. We're located on Gundrak - Horde.

We believe in enjoying the game, communicating well with others, putting our best foot forward, developing a strong friendship with everyone involved and being able to progress through current content at a reasonable pace.

Outside of raiding we do welcome casuals, socials and people leveling so if you're just looking somewhere to call home don't hesitate.

Keep in mind this will be a brand new team and will take some time to develop a stable and solid group. If you're a returning player or just getting into the raid scene then this might be for you. We will be focusing on the group as a whole once established and go from there. Patience is the key.

Leaders have extensive raiding experience in previous expansions and current. Recruitment is open to all classes and roles in particular we're looking for Healers and DPS.

Raid Schedule:
Please note: all times listed below are based off server time.
Friday: 8:00PM-11:00PM
Saturday: 8:00PM-11:00PM

♦ Also doing weekly world boss runs (Sha/Galleon/Nalak) These runs will be on: TUESDAYS at 5:00PM SERVER TIME - WEEKLY ♦

What we are looking for in a player:

Attend ALL scheduled raids.
Know the fights we are working on, be switched on and ready to go.
Friendly and positive attitude towards the guild, guild members and while raiding.
Know your class inside and out.
Have EXCELLENT raid awareness and not stand in that fire.
Put effort into your character and while raiding, we aren't interested in people who can't be bothered.

If this interests you please contact me directly either in-game or btag (Bellaqt#6899)

1 Tank (prefer Plate)
DPS (DK/Warrior/Hunter)

Recruiting all classes and roles regardless of current needs.

1 Tank (prefer Plate)
DPS (DK/Warrior/Hunter)

Recruiting all classes and roles regardless of current needs.
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