BiS trinkets for each spec?

Breath of hydra seems to be the one trinket all 3 specs use. But for the second I cant get a solid answer. Using askmrrobot it says hydra+wushoo for all 3 specs and I almost know 100% thats dead wrong
bump for knowledge
Wushoolay's Final Choice is likely the only trink I would say hits BiS for all specs as 1 of your two trinkets. Haste is more important for Aff then say Demo, so Breath of the Hydra while still really good for Demo is better for Aff. Destro is now viable to either focus on using a pet or or remain saccing it (both are great to swap between depending on fights). The players using pets gain pet damage benefits from haste where Destro GoSac does not gain as much from haste. It kind of looks like this if this helps:

Destro/Demo: Wushoolay's Final Choice + Crit trink either work well
Aff: Wushoolay's Final Choice + Haste trink and again multiple options

Offhanded I dont use Wushoolay's Final Choice at all, I have one in my bags but based on what I have been able to obtain playing Destro I am using:

Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault + the raid finder version of Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen. I tend to prefer the constant effects of Int over proc'd Int but I would still easily try out a Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance if I landed one.

Its pretty easy from lfr to gain a few for the bags in case you want to swap all three specs.
Im seeing hydra on all the warlocks in blood legion as demo. Hydra + UVLS seems BiS for demo.

I cant find a non demo lock in top end guilds, so I have nothing to really look at
You're correct in that Breath + UVLS is BiS for demo.

Wushoolay's and Breath are a really good combination for affliction.

Wushoolay's is also great for destro, then for your second Breath or Cha-Ye's is good.
I was going to point out an Aff lock on our server who has ilvl 541 equipped 11/13 Heroic ToT ...he is mysteriously missing. Haste is not a terrible stat for any caster and Hydra is just a sweet trink in general but I think to a small degree it comes down to drops etc like Heroic Thunderforged vs Reg Thunderforged that may actually be better itemization. In my case its purely about availability
Here is an example that furthers my point a bit Armory this toon:Dpsonroids
UVLS is far and away BIS for demo. Makes it extremely powerful having your army of imps running around. Haste is good for all 3 specs if you have the RPPM trinkets and the legendary meta, so that's why you see a lot of people from all three specs running Breath.

For destro and affliction I personally like Wush and Breath, as they line up really well at the start of the fight and seem to proc together a lot as well as share the same duration. You can pool embers or shards to use with your 50k plus spell power towards the end of the proc. I guess the same would be true for UVLS and Breath at the beginning, but it would be more difficult to get the same gains from UVLS and Wush since UVLS would fall off before Wush could build its stacks unless you get a lot of lucky RNG. Really all comes down to personal preferences aside from Demo and UVLS.

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