Sanguine Prophecy 25 man SoO HM 13/14

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Sanguine Prophecy--Who We Are.

Sanguine Prophecy is a guild that was formed in 2006 and has remained a strong, solid group of like-minded players ever since. Based on a core group of friends that have extended their gaming together over several different games and MMOs, we strive to make the most of our time together and enjoy as much of the game content as possible. We believe in putting the group first and ourselves second, while maintaining a strong level of respect for one another and the time we invest in playing together. We strive to have fun while accomplishing our goals, and as such aim to maintain a standard of excellence among our members, working together and individually to bring our best to each and every raid.

We are looking for dedicated players to join our ranks and be part of the future of Sanguine Prophecy!!

Apply now to be part of an amazing group of players and help progression through Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar!!

Application Status: OPEN

We are currently accepting apps from all players with exceptional an attitude, knowledge, and skill in regards to raiding. Recruitment is currently open to the following:

Death Knight: Close
Druid: Close
Hunter: Close
Mage: Close
Monk: Close
Paladin: Close
Priest: Close
Rogue: Open
Shaman: Close
Warlock: Open
Warrior: Close

Please Note: WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS!! If you feel Sanguine Prophecy would be a good fit for you, and believe you are great at your class, please do not be dissuaded by the recruitment priorities above.

What you need to know before applying:
• Make sure you have familiarized yourself with all of our policies before applying.
• Use the application template found on our forums. Do not copy other guilds' templates.
• Your application is a reflection of yourself. Think of it as a first impression. If it looks like you've spent two minutes filling it out, don't expect us to consider it for much longer than that.
• Do not contact officers or members of the guild once you've applied to check the status of your application. We take our applicants seriously and do not wish to waste your time, but we do tend to keep busy. We will get to you as soon as we are able.

Do not apply if:
• You cannot maintain at least 80% attendance during progression.
• You are planning on taking break, or will have foreseeable absences in the near future (If this is temporary, please be open about this in your application--We will take your circumstances into consideration. Not letting us know this ahead of time and doing so anyway is obviously extremely frowned upon).
• You think Xorren has a condescending voice.


Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday 8pm to 11pm server.

To apply >

Be sure to read the Guild Policies thread before applying.
Make the times 930 1230 server and I am in... 530 fury
ouch, those are very bad times for our roster, most of us are on earster time and this is way too late for us. Good luck in your search :)
Get bumped.
Needs more dudes.

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