[A10] SouthernCross 4/13h (AU) Frostmourne

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi all,

<SouthernCross> is an Australian based guild (Level 25) that has been raiding since classic WoW. We are originally from Blackrock and transferred to Frostmourne Alliance a couple of months ago in search of more AU/NZ players to join our ranks.

Our main progression 10 man group (4/13h) is currently recruiting the following roles:

  • Melee DPS with Tank offspec (or the otherway around): Prefer Paladin, Druid or Monk

We raid at the following times:

  • Wednesday: 8pm to midnight
  • Thursday: 9pm to midnight
  • Sunday: 8pm to midnight

Our requirements are:

  • You are geared for heroic progress (522+ ilvl)
  • You research your class & encounters to maximise your performance
  • You are ok with being part of a 13 man roster
  • High attendance - doesn't need to be perfect as we have the roster system to cover for people
  • You can use mumble

We provide flasks, grepairs, crafting reagents, guild forums, mumble server

If you're interested in joining us and want to discuss further, you can chat to me in game (Benker) or one of our officers (Dreadmoore, Xyzo, Dumpling, Dakiean).

Alternatively, we do have a short application process via our website @ http://www.southerncrossguild.org/ - you can either post there or PM me on the forums.
looking for a mage
looking for a melee dps with tanking offspec to round out our roster for heroic ToT progression and also be part of our core team for SoO

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