H 11/12 10M We Know Girls LF DPS/Heal Hybrids

<We Know Girls>, a guild on Hyjal (PvE) is currently looking for a few outstanding DPS with offspec healing when fights occasionally call for 3 heals. Due changes with our offspec healer's work schedule we're recruiting to fill his spot, although any exceptional player will of course be considered.

We're 11/12 in Throne of Thunder, looking to push for a full clear and start working on Heroic modes for sweet epics before 5.4 hits. We raid Wednesday and Thursday nights, from 6:30pm - 9:30pm ST (8:30 - 11:30pm CST). We're looking for a full time raider, but may occasionally sit or rotate out, depending on attendance, but done fairly (no one sits 2 weeks in a row). We use open rolls, although we try to be considerate to those in need.

We're a 10 man raiding guild, and many of us here have personal ties and friendships with one another. We're laid back but firm in our goals and strict when it comes to being on time and not standing in stupid stuff. We enjoy messing around and having fun, but get serious when we need to focus.

If you're looking for a fun, stress-free 10 man raiding guild, <We Know Girls> is the place for you. If you're interested in Joining, please contact Rhab (Mage) or Heavensdevil (Priest) b.net tag Heavens#1389, or any online guild member at the time for any inquiries and leave a comment as we'll check back frequently. Please keep in mind though that we're only interested in those that can make the commitment to raid full time, every week.
Hi! I am looking for something later in the evening so 8:30 could fit (I work till 8 both those nights.. Am usually home right around 8:30.) Additionally, you mention plate dps but have Rog in the list.. I've got a Rog, but can't wear plate :D I've also got a Mage.. Rog is 505, Mage 500.. Let me know if either might work..
Preferably we need a Rogue, as we've already got a mage (in general we're trying to get classes other than cloth wearers in, we have quite a few already). If you're interested in a trial run, please contact any guild member and we'll pass you along to the higher-ups. Thanks for your interest! Look forward to seeing you in game.
Hey Kremirsh.

If you would like to talk add my battle tag and I'll watch for you. We would love to find a good rogue for our group so I look forward to hearing from you.
Does Plate dps include a warrior as well? Or did you leave it out because you already have one?
I believe its a tier token concern with a warrior, but any expectational player will be considered.
Well I'm interested, I've posted my own info on the Realm forums as well, Let me know if you'd like a 520ilvl fury warrior.
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