529 Frost Dk 3/13hm

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
As title says I am currently looking for a 10m raid team at or around my progression..I also play Unholy exceptionally well with a 519 Blood OS. I currently live in NYC and I understand the time zone differences but due to my work schedule i cant make any other times for raiding and dont want to stay at stand still waiting for a schedule change. I live in the Eastern Time Zone so I'm kindve looking for a guild that is either late night AEST which would have me starting about 7-9amEST weekdays or weekends ending somewhat around 12-1pm EST.
Can provide Logs upon request!
Contact me on BTAG- Freezeit#1682
added your battletag.

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7764616702?page=1 our recruitment post for reference.

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