[A] <Rags to Riches> 11/14 Recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Rags to Riches is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (Alliance). The guild was formed from a core group of friends who have a long history of raiding together since BC. We are currently looking to round out our raid team with a few new recruits to push hardmode progression.

SOO: 11/14
TOT: 12/12 (1/13 H)
TOES: 4/4
HOF: 6/6
MSV: 6/6

Raid Times: (AEST GMT+10)
Wednesday: 7:30PM till 10:30PM
Thursday: 7:30PM till 10:30PM
Sunday: 7:30PM till 10:30PM
Monday: 7:30PM till 10:30PM (During Progression)

1 Healer (Non Pally)

A minimum ilevel of 520 is required. All exceptional applications will be considered.

To apply to the guild head to http://www.ragstoriches.net.au

If have any questions about the guild contact Insomn (Insomn#1771) in game.

NOTE: For some reason when we server moved to Frostmourne, the forum account didn't update properly. We are now located on Frostmourne, not Aman'Thul as per the links generated by the forum account.
Recruitment needs updated. Still looking for 1 plate melee and 2 healers.
Recruitment updated.
Recruitment updated.
Recruitment Updated.

Need a Healer with DPS offspec.
Recruitment updated.

Really need a Ret Paladin or Warrior DPS (Preferably with Tank OS)
Recruitment updated.

Need a plate tank.
Also looking for an Ele with good resto offspec to push HM's.
Still searching for a tank, and an ele/resto.
Need an ele/resto shaman.
Still need an ele/resto shaman (or will consider any RDPS with viable healing offset)
Still need an rdps with healing offset.
hi still nd melee dps?
Lëonhart: We're full on MDPS at the moment, sorry.
Still looking for a rDPS and Tank.
Still need RDPS and Tank apps.

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