Ret pally 4 set 5.4 Beta notes

Yeah, you beat me to it. This set bonus is ridiculously good.

I really truly understand the skepticism. It's easy to just write off Divine Storm as our simple cleave spell. But-- think about it this way. Divine Storm hits for weapon damage as 100% holy damage. Where have we heard 100% holy damage before? Oh, right! Our current T15 set bonus that everyone loves! All-holy-damage attacks are awesome, and play beautifully to ret's strengths. DS is an all holy damage attack.

Now imagine that at 150% strength. Your proc DS is stronger than a TV on a single target, and is dealing 100% holy damage. AND IT CLEAVES TO ANYTHING UNLUCKY ENOUGH TO BE NEAR YOU!

Mmmmm... sounds good to me....

I've been raid testing with it on PTR. I was really concerned it wouldn't feel fun. Well, it does.

Here's how it plays out: It procs. You TV first if you have 5 HP, otherwise you hit the proc.

To put it simply, it's your top priority over any normal HP generators. If you have Wings active, HOW is stronger, but we all knew that because Hammer of Wrath hits like a truck and a half. Other than that, the proc DS is great. Hit it. Big numbers ensue.

It's pretty fun.
I've had a chance to try this out myself on the PTR. It should be noted that unlike Judgment and Crusader Strike, Divine Storm has no armor mitigation, and does its damage as Holy (Thus increased by Inquisition). Furthermore, this 4-set bonus procs itself, and stacks with the Divine Purpose Talent.

This results in several periods in which the Paladin can simply spam DS, which overall is better than using Crusader Strike, Judgment, and Exorcism just to build up one TV.
Since when is Judgement affected by armor? Pretty sure it's been pure Holy damage since I started in BC.
Anafielle did some SimC testing with the recent update to 530-5 and posted it to the EJ forums, and her results show that the 4pc not only does a decent amount of damage (about 3.5% on single-target) but that it slots pretty highly in our rotation:

Top priority: 225073.1
Top priority aside from ES and Inq reapp: 225125.6
Top priority aside from ES, Inq reapp, TV@5: 225082.2
Below TV @ 5 & HoW: 225829.4
Below Exo: 225653.7
Below Exo & CS: 224405.1
Below Exo & CS & Judge: 224426.5
Bottom: 223541.7
Unused: 218049.9


Just keep in mind that tier 15H sims at this level:

SimC build 530-5 didn't have T16 gear and stats implemented, I don't think, so the T16 sim numbers will go up dramatically with the inflated gear levels and stats once we get a build with everything implemented.
Perhaps take the divine storm proc off the GCD? Give us a reason to use it blizz.
We have a reason to use it - it's called pretty much every fight involving AoE/cleave.
And every fight involving single-target, for that matter. The 50% buff was quite sufficient to make it worth using.

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