Death Race 2013!

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1st place: Barrybones
2nd place: Deathrasah
3rd place: Meepsie

Thanks to everyone who came out!

It's back! It was never really gone, mind you. It's been lurking in the dark corners of our server. Watching. Waiting. But now its time has come.

And you will all die. A lot.

When: July 6th, 8pm server time
Where: TBA
Who: Any level 1 Horde toon!

What is a Death Race?
It's a bunch of level 1s running from a predetermined start, to a predetermined finish. In between many things will kill them over and over. And over.

How do I enter?
No need to enter, per se. Just show up the day of on your level 1 Horde.

No fair! I want to play, but I don't have any room for a new toon. What do?
If your character screen is full of super awesome toons already, you can always roll a level one on a different server and be pulled into ours via grouping. You'll need to make sure you have the 10g to level lock, though, as it can't be traded to you from here.

Can I bride you to win?
No. I'm engaged.

Are you sure? I have a lot of money. I just want the glory.
I'm sure.

Why are you so mean?
I blame the schools.

  • You must stay level 1. It's 10g and money will be provided if you need it.
  • No mounts AKA- bribing someone to carry you on theirs.
  • No flight paths.
  • No spirit rezzing, you must return to your body.
  • No potions or speed buffs.
  • No having friends path clear.
  • You'll be naked! Just to add insult to injury.
  • You must be guildless. It would be unfair for some to have "The Quick and the Dead" while others do not.
  • No Monks.
  • Cheaters will be disqualified. Cheating is bad, mmmk?

    Prizes! (subject to increase, see below for our FABULOUS contributors)
    1st place: 8kg + 62kg (donations) = 70,000g + 1st choice of one of the pets available
    2nd place: 4kg + 29kg (donations) = 33,000g + 2nd choice of one of the pets available
    3rd place: 2kg + 14kg (donations) = 16,000g + pet

    lvl 25 Disgusting Oozeling
    lvl 25 Aqua Strider
    lvl 25 Spectral Porcupette

    If you are participating via the different server option let me know beforehand so I can add you to my Bnet friends list and send you an invite at race time.

    Please note that any race with phasing issues (goblins, pandas) won't be able to be summoned. Choose your level 1 accordingly.

    Set-up will take some time. Possibly a long time. Please be patient and try to arrive as early as possible. I recommend being on at least 30 minutes prior to the start as giving out invites and organizing groups will consume much time. We can't form a raid with level 1s, so you'll be shifted around into groups a lot until we begin racing.

    I'll need some moderators. If you don't want to race, but would still like to participate, you can help me by watching over a group and keeping people on track / make sure no one is cheating. Just leave me a note here or mail Lyllian / Nandel.

    Our vent is small, so we'll be using Raidcall for this event. Download it if you think you'd like to listen in on the chaos and snort laughing at your expense. I'll post the info for it later, mostly because I don't feel like looking it up right now.

    If you plan to donate money, leave a note here and send it to Lyllian / Nandel. I will put your name up as a contributor in the prize section. Prize money will not be increased until I actually receive the gold in-game.

    Out of contest testimonials from previous Death Races:

    I think I'm late.

    I'm stalking you.

    got this thread confused with the other one.

    11/24/2010 02:51 PMPosted by Arche

    06/09/2012 07:11 PMPosted by Aleous
    This entire event is just another way for her to get money.

    12/04/2010 03:07 PMPosted by Teknîque
    I was gonna kill all the people racing

    Leave questions / comments /concerns below.

    THANK YOU for the donations:
    Famìne- 50,000g
    Aleous- 2,000g
    Bumfights- lvl25 Disgusting Oozeling
    Cooler- 3,000g
    Zurgal & <Azeroth Brewing Company>- 10,000g + lvl25 Aqua Strider
    <Village Idiot> Hide and Seek Winners: Alasandra, Ishmishmish, CyaNYide, Milkjugs- 4,000g
    Tom- 10,000g + lvl 25 Spectral Porcupette
    Hertlas- 20,000g
    Vorinth- 3,000g
    Bodyodor- 3,000g "take first or go home"
    I was told there would be cake.

    Unrelated note: I'm more than willing to moderate.
    06/13/2013 07:34 PMPosted by Lyllian
    You'll be naked!

    Im sold. >:) *rubs hands together menacingly*
    Can I bride you to win?

    Dangit! Was totally going to ask you to marry me :)
    Can I bride you to win?

    I think I'll keep it like that. :)
    Death race death race death race
    Bump for new prize amounts.
    Will I be eligible for a consolation hug if I lose? (>^_^)>

    Such a patricious event!


    YAY HUGS! <3

    Now I feel much more enthusiastic about participating! ;3
    | (• ◡•)|╯╰(❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
    Bump for new prize amounts.

    If anyone asks I participated. Just glad to get rid of that crap! :P
    06/14/2013 10:24 AMPosted by Stagnetti
    Bump for new prize amounts.

    If anyone asks I participated. Just glad to get rid of that crap! :P
    Being a wealthy benefactor is participating too!


    Avánii used "BUMP THREAD!"

    It's super effective!


    Avánii used "BUMP THREAD!"

    It's super effective!

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