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Greetings All,

Delirium is new guild comprised of a group of people who have gamed together since the beginning of WotLK. All of us have played since Vanilla though, and we decided to start a new guild this week. We formerly played on Crushridge, in a casual raiding guild that managed to progress through all content as it was released. Our old guild disbanded due to server decline about 6 months ago, and the small group of us have decided to start new again on Sargeras.

We're looking for players of all types and interests. We are looking to build this guild from the ground up, and hope to find dedicated members to help us in that journey. We consider ourselves fair leaders, and reward those dedicated to helping the guild. We consider ourselves as PvE more than PvP, though we do like to have a good time and PvP from time to time. We would not oppose the opportunity to create a PvP dedicated group in our guild.

We honor those who are selfless, dedicated, and mature. Delirium is not elitist, we just ask for our members to be knowledgeable and competent. While this can be a competitive game, we also realize games are meant to be FUN!! We think we're a fun group, who like to laugh, joke, and goof around.

If Delirium sounds like a fit to you, send any of our current members a message when you see us online. We are busy getting the guild in shape, and may be on different toons. Just search for Delirium members and whisper us!

Thanks for taking a minute to read!

- Sharktopüs / Zicov
I just wanted to add a bit to the above post.

We've been playing wow since the beginning at a high level, but have grown past the days when we can still raid 3-4 nights a week, however we still enjoy what the game has to offer and are choosing to enjoy it on a much more relaxed schedule.

We run 10 mans and raid 1-2x/wk and clear normals prior to any blizz buffs being handed out. We have the ability to clear heroics, but lack the time to dedicate to it as a group. Most of us took some time off during Heart of Fear/ToES, but are back and gearing up again.

Our gear ranges from 485-505 and is quickly climbing, however we're the type of group who can often handle encounters slightly behind the gear curve.

So, if you're in a similar situation or your gear is in the same range this is the perfect opportunity to progress with like-minded individuals.

At the moment, we are mainly looking for healers and dps, however any class would be considered as we all have multiple characters to fill various roles as needed.
Well said Ruphis!

Once again, we welcome all casual gamers, whether you want to raid, quest, or pvp!
Hi! What days and times are you looking to raid? Thanks!
Hey Kae,

The day isn't set in stone. We're looking to start between 8-9pm est. A group of us xferred over and are filling in remaining spots. We're pretty flexible in the evenings, so we're waiting to see what works well for our members as far as times.

Looking to get started next week.
Hello! I have also recently xferred to Sargeras and am very excited about the new start :)

I've been in the hardcores in BC and Wrath, but then real life happened. AKA I graduated University :) So I quit during Cata. Well, I got 80-85 in the first 23 hours, geared in full blues, one night in BWD and said, nope, can't do it. Stopped playing till February.

Of all people, my g/f started to get me playing again. She's awesome and would make an excellent healer for the mean time :). Went through Vaults as a tank in LFR and HOF, and TOES in LFR, but now I'm 511 fury, and arms.

Your casual but competent sounds perfect to me, and would love to give it a whirl if you'd give me a shot :).

I chatted with Qookie and he said you'd be in touch.

Battletag = Crisp#1937. I've been on my lock leveling it if I'm not on my warr :)

Thanks for your consideration!! ^_^

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