Hi I am Minotaro

Hi. I am Minotaro. Nice to meet you. I am on Tich right now, and I was looking for a server that has a good amount of PVP and PVE pugs and decent guilds that would take a player at my gear level.
600 people on server queue. Find somewhere else.
Bro, I usually play late nights. So that doesn't phase me. Tichondrius has 1000 + server que. But thanks for the kind words.
Or just go horde!
Or just go horde!

Whats the population ratio on your server like?
thats alliance to horde?
That's also lvl 10 to 90. If you think about 90s only it's probably around 5:1 A|H
Does swifty still play?
Does swifty still play?


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