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After updating my system, I could no longer open world of warcraft, or troubleshoot. So I deleted the game off my computer and now when I downloaded the game client to reinstall it and it wont properly open. I'm not sure what to do.
The Console is a great tool for troubleshooting.
It can be found in Macintosh HD/Utilities.

Open it up, and have it running as you open WoW. It will print a whole heap of info into a log that might help you find more on what the issue is such as an error or something else.
How do you mean it won't properly open ?

That's a little bit too vague for me to figure out.

What exactly happens when you open the Launcher ?
Mokita, Empty the trash can on your Mac, then try reinstalling again. I'm not sure why... But the installer seems to try to interact or use the 'just deleted' WoW files that are now in the trash can for whatever reason, which causes trouble.

So empty your Mac's trash can and try again.

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