[A] <Science> - Open Recruitment!

Updated June 25th
Hi Proudmoore!

<Science> is looking for new members! Whether you like to raid, PvP or just sit in SW and chat all day, everyone is welcome!

We are a long time group of friends that have returned from a WoW break during which we cleared all content in MMO's such as Star Wars, GW2 and most recently Neverwinter. (Somehow we found our way back to WoW once again...)

We were previously located on Auchindoun where we had server first clears of most raid content up until (and including) Firelands, but the server died and we've decided to relocate to Proudmoore.

We started our first raid last night, clearing the first 4 bosses in Mogu Shan Vaults! We're going to continue doing the older raid content until we're geared up for the newer stuff, hopefully catching up to progression fairly quick!

Quick summary:
- Just returned to WoW
- Group of friends who have gamed together for a long time
- LGBT friendly, open to players of all levels, skill and goals (whether you're a raider or an RP'er)
- Raid MTW 5pm server
- Our tabard looks like the canadian flag
Progression Update:
4/6 Mogu Shan Vaults (Raided once)


(msg MaximX or Riwaz in game!)
Bumping this up! We've had the majority of our friends xfer over to the server now and the guild is progressing nicely as we get geared for raids!

We have 1-2 raid spots open but if you're not into raiding that's ok, we're looking for fun and friendly people to join the guild and help us enjoy the game!
When do you guys raid?
We're looking to have our raids Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 5pm server!
Bump for Vis.

To extend on what Maxim said:

- We're raiding Mon-Wed 5pm Server to 10ish.

- Looking for all roles/classes regardless of level - experienced a plus. Don't mind alts joining. We'll gear you out when you hit 90.

- PvP friendly as well. Several of us are experienced PvPers (Most achieving Glad title)

Really we're just looking for numbers right now. Again, if you're interested or just want to run a heroic/scenario/raid whisper anyone from <Science> and we'll try and help you out!

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