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Area 52
Drunken Monkey Clan has been around since October 2006 and we have been dedicated to clearing plenty of content over the years. We are a "Semi-Hardcorel" style raiding guild. we want to actually raid and down some bosses. The majority of us have been raiding with each for years upon years so we are looking for those players that will fit in with us and are willing to be a part of our twisted group of friends. If you are interested in joining us please fill out an application on our website - www.drunkenmonkeyclan.com or feel free to whisper a guildie in-game - RyLo#1851, Adoraa#1345, hashabusha#1205, Sinhero #1777 or karinakat#1736.

10 man
1/12 because our old server was low population and recruiting is non-existent.

What we are looking for:
1 Tank (Leather Pref, but will take any kind of tank)
DPS ( Priest (Shadow), Boomkin)
Healer (Priest, Holy paladin)
Recuiting will be OPEN to all talent. We want good reliable raiders for our main progression group. must have 500+ ilvl to raid!

What are we planning to do:

With the base that we have gathered over the years we will be focusing on hard mode content as quickly as possible.

What our requirements are:

Very simple - be prepared. We will help our guildies with anything they may need to help prepare for our raids but we do expect the following:

1. Knowledge - KNOW YOUR CLASS. We will help squeeze every drop of dps or healing out of you but we won't be teaching players how to play their toons from scratch.
2. Items - All of your items MUST be slotted with the best available gems and enchants along with the proper reforges.
3. Ventrilo - All of our raiders have Vent AND a working mic... we expect the same for all new members.
4. Attendance - we expect our raiders to be here for at least 90%-95% of our raids.
5. Consumables - We require you to be prepared with any type of food, pots and flasks for your spec.

When we raid:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - 10pm to 1am EST
Sunday - Flex
Thursday through Saturday - None
looking for some more people
still recruiting

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