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<Non Combat Pet> is currently offering sales runs for both Gold and Silver Challenge Modes achievements. Our runs are completed quickly and are available to fit around any schedule. We have a number of versatile players that have been clearing golds since November and can tailor a group around your specific class and spec to complete runs quickly and efficiently. On top of this our group has now successfully sold over 30 full sets of CM gear to various players, some from Proudmoore and some off server! On top of this our group of 5 currently holds the server best time in every challenge mode.

- DPS Spec. Geared, Gemmed and Enchanted with at least an ilevel 463.
- Basic understanding of the Mists of Pandaria dungeons as well as all 5 man heroics completed.
- Mumble.

30k per instance for Gold

250k for a complete set of 9/9 Gold Challenge Modes

If you're interested in buying Silver Challenge Modes please don't hesitate as we can arrange this as well, the price is negotiable.


http://www.wowhead.com/title=314/the-undaunted - “the Undaunted” title. This is a Battle.net achievement and is available to all your characters once you reach level 90.

Your choice of one the following mounts:
- Reins of the Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
- Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
- Reins of the Emerald Pandaren Phoenix
- Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix

- Teleports to each of the Mists of Pandaria dungeons (including Scarlet Monastery and Scholomance ports for Eastern Kingdoms)
- A class specific transmog gear set. Each set includes unique particle effects and special emotes.

- Death Knight: Golden Chest of the Lich Lord
- Druid: Golden Chest of the Cycle
- Hunter: Golden Chest of the Howling Beast
- Mage: Golden Chest of the Elemental Triad
- Monk: Golden Chest of the Regal Lord
- Paladin: Golden Chest of the Holy Warrior
- Priest: Golden Chest of the Light
- Rogue: Golden Chest of the Silent Assassin
- Shaman: Golden Chest of Windfury
- Warrior: Golden Chest of the Golden King
- Warlock: Golden Chest of the Betrayer

You can mail or whisper any of the following in game to talk specifics.
- Ease
- Natural
- Xebren

If you're interested in any other dungeon or raid achievements, feel free to contact us to see if we can work something out.
Still taking more sales. Contact us for more info
Room for a sale this week.
Room for more sales in the upcoming weeks
Room for buyers next week, this week full!
Sale this week took 3 hours for all 9 golds, room for one this coming week!
Room for buyers in the upcoming weeks. Message us for more info
2 sales scheduled for this coming week. 22 successful sales and counting.
Must. Farm. Gold. For. TRANSMOG SET.
Room for more sales. Contact us if interested
Sat Aug 17 & Sat Aug 24th booked.
Still taking more sales. Contact us if you're interested.
2 sales done this week so far, 3 hours each.

Catch us now before progression starts again with 5.4!
Room for more sales for the upcoming week!
Still time before progression starts.

Will be doing sales after 5.4, but time will be limited!
Sale spots open. Let us know!

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