Weak auras

I am new to using the add on and I was wondering can someone tell me when I can find the info to track the following procs

Meta proc - tempus repit
Jade spirit proc
Breath of the hydra - breath of many minds
Wushoolay trinket - electrified

Try ExtraCD.
Open Weak Auras, Create new. Progress bar or texture. Select the trigger tab, make sure the dropdown under Choose Trigger is the first proc you want to track. In the bottom section, under Type, select Aura. Under Aura Name, type the first few letters of the proc, for example, Wush. Select Okay and it will populate that box with Auras that it found.

If you wish to add more, select Add Trigger. Change that dropdown to Trigger 2, then repeat the process below for your other procs. It does work with the legendary meta btw, but I stopped monitoring these as they weren't really helping my gameplay all that much...
Thank you so much...I'm not sure how much it will help me either but I want to try it out and see if I can be more efficient withy the procs combined with hero IV and using AT for it all
I noticed the meta and jade spirit procs don't show up properly unless you uncheck the "self only" option. They don't register as "self" spells apparently.
cool thanks
Check this warlock weak aura thread too, scroll down to Trinkets/Potions/Engy CD's and there are some strings you can import:

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