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hmm since Dareniun has not broached the subject in our sadly deserted realm forums I will.

It has been sad to see our formerly strong Med population server become what I feel has to be a low population server. I think it could be very refreshing to see a sudden influx of RAID ready toons, not the overrunning of 2 years ago of the lvl 5-10 toons asking for gold and to be carried through.. well everything..

While it could be very awkward to walk up to a toon named Dothon#, all I would need to do is ban them from an invite into the same guild im in. I have that much pull with my GM :)

Kudos to Blizz for figuring a way to merge servers without ever actually calling it that and also to whoever decided to make this announcement the week AFTER 50% discounts on all toon transfers, factions swaps, etc I would like to say "Very sneaky".

What do you all think will transpire from this "slippery slope" Blizz is heading towards?
Well, I for one have been pondering the possibilities quietly and excitedly.

I too miss the days when I could run a 25man pug on any given saturday and have a, for the most part, a functional group that could down bosses, carry a few in pvp gear, and yet a few more in less than stellar gear. We wouldn't do a full clear, but still, we could staff a 25 person team mostly pug in about 15~20 minutes ... on any given Saturday. It was great!

These days I'm struggling to keep a regular raid going. I'm lucky if I can pug 2 people in under 30 minutes for a 10-person raid. Dps not so much a problem, Tanks .. If I don't have 2 tanks going in I might as well give up it seems.

I don't play horde, but from what I've seen and heard from Baelgun Horde is that it's so hard to pug to fill in absentee raid members, that a group of horde guilds have left the server for greener pastures. has the active 90 population on Baelgun at around 4k and a realm raid raking of around 330 of over 500 servers.

Dothon I would have to agree with you that we have slipped down into the low population area. Which is sad to say the least. Baelgun has a great core with wonderful people. Outside of a handful of progression guilds though, what is left is mainly social or people who are questers/achievers or whatever they do. Times sure have changed.

The recent announcement of Virtual Realms is of great interest though. My hope is that we somehow get paired up with a high pop realms along with other low pop realms. A good anchor realm like Proudmore or even Kilgorre might do nicely. Proudmore has over 40 guilds as of last week who were at least 12/12 on current content. I took a peek at the trade chat on the server with a low level 1 toon and they pug with a requirement of 11/12 completed. A bit much for us this patch, but moving forward it would be nice.

Another alternative would be about a dozen like sized realms to Baelgun. Anything less than combining enough realms to create what is the equivalent of one high population realm would be a failure in my opinion. I would like to see a Virtual realm with 30k active max level toons, that 30k comprising both horde and alliance. I would also hope to gain a balance of near 50~50 on the horde to alliance split too. It would make Saturday nights doing "For the Alliance" much more enjoyable.

Bottom line just the topic alone is great. How they implement it though, could get interesting. I'm holding my breath that this move actually will help stop the bleeding for those trying to hold on to some kind of raid schedule. Lord knows we've lost enough as it is.

(Now that I have posted, do you feel giddy inside? :P)
g d k p
g d k p

I am now dreaming of a gdkp 25man pug run every Saturday and Sunday :P
Yeah I had noticed the mass exodus of the horde guilds on our server and would have great amusement if we were paired back up with the realms they chose to swap to.

I hope they do it right and make us a more med high to even high population by combining with established servers like you said rather than combining say 5 low population servers to make a med server.

I also agree this would be a good time to try to assemble some type of Alliance/Horde balance on servers, but don't want it to diminish from the alliance numbers added to our realm as well.

Ahhh and to once again see pugs.... Been a long time
Oh god... the server economy...
Not sure about anyone else, but i am really looking forward to the VR they are bringing a bit after 5.4 hits, cant wait to see people on org again. guild has gotten back to raiding (late as ever for ToT progression but what ev.) an looking to get a few more people to fill in the raid nights when we might be down a heal or a dps. been doing 3 nights a week lately and it has been painfully obvious that there isn't much if any people who will join up on a Fri, Sat, or Mon night. been tossing around idea of raiding sooner in week, but we all agree we want people to have time to get there LFR and VP done before we raid. well if anyone is looking to raid ToT we have been working on Horradon for 2 days almost got it, just need to get trough the 3rd an 4th door an we will have it. normal raids are at 745 pm (sever time) an normaly go for 2-3 hours.
06/14/2013 09:25 PMPosted by Dothon
I hope they do it right and make us a more med high to even high population

As long as it doesn't affect logins... i.e. login ques that frequently occur on high pop realms. I love the lower latency/instant accessibility of the lower pop server.
yeah cant think that Blizz would create the login issue by building the realms up to much, however I must admit that I am getting nervous from their blog that Baelgun cold possibly not qualify for much action at all...
Do you have a link to that blog?

I for one think the change would be sorely needed. I just came back from close to a year and frankly it seems like a ghost town. More players to help pug, help the AH and do some socializing with would be awesome.
08/14/2013 06:51 PMPosted by Firepwnz
Do you have a link to that blog?

I really was hoping the connected realms would occur pre5.4 but looks like the logistics are a little bit more intensive than just adding a router. As I said before they can take all the time they need, just please do it right.....
I don't understand why you don't think baelgun will qualify. Unless I totally missed something, which is totally plausible, it looks like all realms will be connected to another. They just aren't very clear as to what type of realms will be connected. Looks like same battle group is a popular option but I will wait for future updates.
I don't understand why you don't think baelgun will qualify

Well per Guildox Baelgun has 11701 lvl 90s with 3380 active players. this is WAY more than the lowest realms (which all coincidently are PVP realms) and im afraid in Blizz eyes we could be considered Med size and just fine...

Also a big wrinkle I see is that they could try to rectify our Ally/Horde imbalance and if we are merged it could be just a way to increase the ratio and result in few ally additions.

The more I think about it, I realize the one true fix will be a truly EPIC expansion announced at Blizzcon to electrify the player base and bring back fellow players we have raided with in years past...

As you stated Firepwnz you also had left and just returned... We need a reason for others to return as well imo
08/18/2013 07:48 PMPosted by Dothon
I don't understand why you don't think baelgun will qualify
As you stated Firepwnz you also had left and just returned... We need a reason for others to return as well imo

I'm here! In all my greatness for all to see!

Isn't that good enough? :P
Dare is the Baelgun Mascot... I mean he is a space goat, has horns, and I hear he is furry in all the right places. Cant go wrong with that
I have that much pull with my GM :)

As Dothon GM, I refuse to be nervous about the changes coming about with the upcoming virtual realms. Instead I'm ready for more information on how we will be able to interact with people from merge and getting my recruiting plan in place.

Be careful there Dothon, you may have pull but I have power. ;)

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