Any tips for Celestial Blessings quest?

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I am trying to kill Wrathion who I guess.... is a god now? I am having a little trouble.

Mainly its the adds, I have no problem dealing with his mechanics, even though I have come to find that his ground slam has a wider area of effect than what the graphics are showing (put graphics at ultra to make sure).

The adds seem quite deadly, I can deal with the first wave as combat through burst but the waves after that really start to crush me. Eventually I have no cooldowns around 30% hp and try to kite the adds only to find that they have a stacking speed buff allowing them to move around 200%+ movement speed.

Any tips on how you other rogues killed him would be much appreciated!

Edit: After doing some more testing I have found that often 2-3 of the adds get down to 1 hp but then become invincible (they take additional damage but cannot die). I am wondering if I am missing something or if this is a bug.
I did it as Mut but the second wave of adds was also giving me the business. I don't remember them getting a speed buff and I'm pretty sure I ended the fight with 1 or 2 still alive (possibly at 1 hp). I used FoK to kill them.

Leeching Poison + Shiv. Health Potion or Warlock Healthstone. Recuperate. These should keep your health high enough to where one or two adds won't kill you immediately if they reach you.

Evasion + Prep>Evasion for avoiding add damage. Glyph Cloak of Shadows for a physical dmg shield wall (I don't think we need cloak for anything else if you can manage to avoid the fire).

Basically, you'll probably have adds up for when he starts doing his mirror image phase. Just kite them with sprint (don't waste energy on BoS) or evasion if they get on you somehow. For this phase the only thing that matters is pooling energy for FoK to hit as many wrathion copies as possible.

I've also read some rogues had success using Shuriken Toss on the adds, but I didn't find it to be necessary.
I've also read some rogues had success using Shuriken Toss on the adds, but I didn't find it to be necessary.

I think toss would be real helpful. I thought about picking it up but didn't have a tome so I just sucked it up.
I tried ST and found that it didnt kill them fast enough. They get their speed buff and catch me. So far Ive had best success using aoe/crippling. The problem is when I have to go to the middle to take out the mirror images and the tears have an easier time catching me. I did get past that one time but then his frontal aoe got me. I think that the graphics might be off on that cause im sure I was out of it before it went off. Will try it next time with graphics set to high.

edit: might be my ilevel (519) is a little low for this?
I just saved my cd's and cleaved them down but I've been told Wrathions abilities can hit them as well so you can use him to kill them for you.
I just saved my cd's and cleaved them down but I've been told Wrathions abilities can hit them as well so you can use him to kill them for you.

It would make sense if it did that since the tiger says "use his abilities against him, but it doesnt seem to.
I can confirm a lot of this, I've tried a lot of different things as Muti, but have not gotten him past about 30%. I have had his cone ability hit me while clearly out of it, and the bloods don't die, at least the 2nd/3rd set or so they seem to just "stop dying" and sit at 1%... His cone, while being able to hit me outside of the animation, does nothing to kill the bloods if they are in it. Then of course he starts to cast his mirror image and the bloods either kill me while clearing copies out, or get me low enough the remaining image casts kill me. I'm 529 right now and still can't overcome this.
I agree with the above post. Originally I tried kiting with Toss and eventually just did evasion, prep, evasion, glyphed cloak & readiness, while using AR & SB. Killing Spree (which doesn't work on him alone) and BF when adds were out.

He can be stunned. If you get low just blind him and bandage.

If you know you can't kill all the mirror images in time, you can cloak to immune their nova or feint to reduce their damage.

DPS shouldn't be an issue with the buff if you're attacking him from behind.
After a few wipes I put on crippling poison and just FoK spammed while staying just outside range for them to hit me. I don't know if the crippling poison worked, but staying just a bit in front of them spamming FoK killed them without me getting hit.

Edit: Talking about the blood, for Wrathion just stay out of the red circle or dust thing, just stay out of it.
Well, I've gotten him to 7% as combat which works out a lot better. Combat readiness and all that, once he casts the bloods ill kidney shot him, blow all my cd's, and nuke the bloods down. Then you have to try to dps him as much as possible to get him to the images without bloods re-spawning. If there aren't bloods chasing you then its a win there, i got him to the next image phase and that's when bloods had spawned and started to get stacks which sucked cause i was soo close. this is incredibly frustrating and has cost me almost 2k gold from this bull!@#$.

a few notes... his arc ability will hit you no matter what if you are on his right side and around 20yd from the animation, conversely you can stand in that %^-* on his left side as long as you're behind him, knowing that i can stand in the animation which helps because it gives me more room, but still is stupid and would be nice if it worked like it looked, I've been caused a wipe from this that would have otherwise been a kill a good number of times because of the animation not following the ability.

my best attempts have me killing the bloods as fast as i possibly can, and crippling poison is out of that equation, i have to have leeching to recover... but still even with that i haven't gotten him down.

and i guess if the bloods get too many stacks then thats when they cant be killed, just sit at 230 somthin thousand and continue to gain stacks of whoop !@#.

i like a challenge and all that and understand that this is "legendary" content for an "epic"... cloak, but it really feels overtuned, at least the blood damage does.
OK... I finally did it! Combat>Leeching>INSTA-GIB THE BLOODS DOWN! NO MATTER WHAT!>There will be bloods spawning right before or during his mirror image depending on how your dps is. It's OK... just keep telling yourself that, try to FoK everything, Watch for his real "non-transparent" image while minding to stay in range of the bloods for FoK to tag them, and try to use ST to down them, it's a lot to deal with at that part but just stay calm and if you know you have to deal with the bloods and are not going to get the real him you have cloak, I used it just to ignore one so I could kill the bloods. Also when you tag his real one, it takes a second for them to die so don't go blowing cloak for no reason. Just stay calm and know they will all die if you tagged the real him. Run in and hit him for extra dps when you get the real one and don't have bloods to deal with, it helps speed this up.

Use ST especially if you don't have any cds. Use either Shadowblades+AR or KS to deal with a pack of bloods. If you don't have BF on, then you will fail. Once I killed 1 or 2 of them with ST and no big cds I popped evasion+combat readiness and finished them. The pack of them sucks, but I think its easier than trying to kill one at a time, then they spawn in a staggered pattern which ends up screwing you.

Try to interrupt his boiling blood whatever he casts on your feet as much as you can for space, but that part isn't that important, neither is the reign of fire, you cant interrupt reign of fire so don't waste a kick on it. They are gonna happen while you're dealing with bloods, it's just gonna be there but those things won't kill you, so just ignore them and KILL THE BLOODS!, see the pattern.... I try to toggle Blade Flurry as much as i can for extra dps on wration, but i usually forget and just leave it on Meh... id rather have it on the whole time then forget to have it on for the bloods and die because i didn't have cleave.

A few more notes on the bloods. I'm pretty sure the bloods are invincible upon reaching 10 stacks, so yeah KILL THE BLOODS! They are really stupidly written... like you lose your CP from the dead ones, they die but take like 2 seconds to actually die so you can still build useless CP on them, so try to not rely too heavy on tab targeting because the bloods are just stupid, just kill them...

I know it's a lot to read but i hope if you read this thread, and it helped save you from hours of frustration, and a really really sore wallet from repairs. Much love fellow rogues! Good luck!
This quest is ridiculous, as many have said. However, here is how I finally did it:

1. Spec combat. Assassination is almost hopeless and I had 529 gear. Even if you only have daggers, spec combat. Blade flurry is absolutely huge.
2. Get as many buffs as possible. Group with someone to get buffs if you can. As I di not have anyone online in my guild, I used the following: flask of spring blossoms, master healing pots, virmen's bite, the celestial blessing from August, drums of forgotten kings and runescroll of fortitude II (3s are too damn expensive with how much I died), and sautéed carrots (sea mist too expensive).
4. Prepot and pot again.
5. Do not miss kicks.
6. Kidney shot wrathion when needed.
7. Burst right off the start as hard as you can. All cds.
8. Don't stand in stuff.
9. Don't ever kite adds unless it is only to get them away from a blinded wrathion to use killing spree. Use all defensive cds first time out and just blade flurry. Don't use fan of knives.
10. If you get low, blind Wrathion and go bandage and use a healing pot.
11. Recuperate is not needed, leeching gives you enough healing as long as you don't stand in stuff. Don't waste the combo points.
12. Spec dirty tricks so that blind is not broken by poison, bleed damage.
13. Glyphs, AR, evasion and cloak of shadows.
13. Don't use killing spree near Wrathion. He casts his aoe and then you are stuck. Save it for the 2nd set of adds. Blind him and move out to use on adds.
14. Believe it or not, if you do all this, the adds are easy (unless they bug at 1 hp). The hardest part is mirrors. Save some energy for FOK to find the right one but, more importantly, stun Wrathion to avoid the images period. Save both vanishes for this section so you can cheap shot him twice. Get to him before he casts the mirrors.

Good luck. This quest sucks. I spent so much on repair, pots, etc. and actually had to reforge to combat and buy a dancing steel enchant for my fist weapon.
Thankfully I have good gear so I didn't even get to the mirror phase.

But basically all I did was pop everything at the start and burst him down while staying behind him.
bump for nerf
so anyone else havin the problem where the blobs are gettin to 1% and just not dyin? am i doin somethin wrong?
Thankfully I have good gear so I didn't even get to the mirror phase.

But basically all I did was pop everything at the start and burst him down while staying behind him.

My gear isn't good but I was able to do the same. (527 at the time I think)

bump for nerf

so anyone else havin the problem where the blobs are gettin to 1% and just not dyin? am i doin somethin wrong?

Yes. And I made a post in the Bug Report forum. I also mentioned that the Crumbling Arc does match the ground animation. I have been hit many times while clearly outside of this.

From what I'm reading, you are pretty much screwed if you don't succeed by the time the 2nd round of oozes come out.

Very frustrating. :(
I did this Friday I believe and here's what I did:

I took Leeching and Combat Readiness and popped both for the first add phase. I wasn't getting a 2nd add phase but if you are then I'd suggest staggering them. I just beasted them down without kiting and didn't lose much health. Then I popped cooldowns and beat him before he had time to transform. I did get a couple attempts where he transformed so if you can't DPS through it just FoK your butt off in the middle of them so they all don't hit you for 20k each. I was 530 ilvl at the time. Also, what was giving me the most trouble was his circle of death (forget the spell name). Once I found out I could interrupt it, I killed it the next attempt.
I think you can use either the arc or circle thing to kill the adds (both maybe?) but I'm not really sure since these are only things I've heard. I just lawlcleaved them down.
Just did this and it was ridiculously simple. Stayed behind him for the 250% dmg buff, evasion and aoe adds didn't run, finished off wrathion done you do so much dps on him its really easy.

I stunned him as often as I could make staying behind him easier. I didn't run into the issue of the big aoe hitting me it seem to be the size that it showed.

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