524 elemental shaman looking for guild. [H]

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I am willing to server transfer for a guild who is 10man and atleast 12/12 in progression possibly looking to get into heroics soon. I am 12/12. looking for a guild that raids around 8pm - 12am give or take a few hours. This is my main character and has been since the start of mop, i strive to be the best i can be, and im looking for a guild who is the same.

Thanks, Itsi.
Hey mate Carpe Diem have 2 raiding teams our 25man (10/13H) and our 10man (12/12N) both raiding Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 8:00-11:30 ST

If you wanted to talk to Beefcheeks about our 10man raiding requirement then add Wes#1786

Website - www.carpe-diem.cc
A spot has opened for raiding in our 13 man team - currently 1/13H ToT. If you are a progression-focused player looking for a solid, mature team then please visit our website or speak to an officer:


Our schedule is: Mon, Wed, Thurs: 7.30 - 10.30 pm
three stars and a sun 25man raid guild 12/12tot now going for heroics, we raid sat&sun we raid 8pm-12mn sg/my time

you cna apply at our website at threestarsandasun.com or add my btag hanspcc#1844
If you can raid weekends at all...I'd love a reliable ele shaman for my guild's core raid team.

<E X A L T E D> is a semi-hardcore 10 man alliance raiding guild on Aman'thul. The guild was formed in 2007. Our goal is to experience as much end game content as possible while raiding on a schedule of only 10 hours per week in a friendly, laid back environment.

Progression: 2/13H ToT
Raid Times: 11am - 4pm Sat/Sun AEST

If you're interested in applying please visit www.exaltedd.guildlaunch.com or add me on Laynie#1997 if you'd like more information.
Thanks all for your replies, i have been picked up by Devour, thanks for your interest.

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