Can't slow fall while blazing speed is on you

While I imagine this is intentional, I can't imagine why as Blazing Speed is off the GCD and you just have to change the order in a macro to make it work. Is this intentional or the tip of an iceberg I can't see yet?
I Q_Qed about this big time when 5.3 dropped and I was called crazy and laughed out the room!


In all seriousness, not a single real rational explanation was given for this nerf. It was demonstrated that the nerf doesn't accomplish anything except for 3 basic things:

1) It forces you to cast slow fall before blazing speed (a completely random arbritrary casting restriction the likes the game hasn't seen before).

2) It breaks the following castsequence macro:

/castsequence reset=20 Blazing Speed, Slow Fall, Goblin Gliders

3) It nerfs fun.

It was demonstrated that due to 1), there is a net power delta of 0. I.e. the 'change' made no impact on how OP or UP the spells are, i.e. the change was balance agnostic.

So yea.. pretty much everyone is baffled why such a random change was done. But then again, Blizz is going around nerfing manneroth's fury, which makes no sense either.

Maybe a case of lunatics running the asylum? Who knows...

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