Looking for a place to call home!

Hi there! I'm returning to WoW after a brief hiatus and I'm in need of a new home. I would prefer to join a more casual raiding guild, but more importantly, I am looking for a social guild (I can sometimes be a chatterbox)! I have heard fantastic things about this server, and while I totally understand this is a higher pop server with enough players as it is, I'm hoping to join the masses.

I'm not necessarily looking for a raiding spot--I would prefer to keep it casual--however my previous raiding experience is as follows:

Burning Crusade
Cleared all raid content, including Mount Hyjal, Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau. Pre-nerf.

Wrath of the Lich King
Cleared every raid, including Heroic Mode Ice Crown Citadel on 10-man, obtaining the Glory of the Ice Crown Raider 10-man achievement. Pre-nerf

Cleared all raid content, including Dragon Soul 25-man on both regular and heroic.

Mists of Pandaria
I have done all raid content in LFR up until the latest content patch (HoF, MSV, TOES). Due to my previous work schedule I wasn't able to dedicate time to raiding, so haven't had as much of an opportunity to shine in this xpac.

Like I said, I'm not looking for a hardcore raiding guild, just somewhere that I can be a part of something great! I have had several years of guild leadership experience, and tend to be on the more competitive side of DPS.

My toons are as follows:

Frost Death Knight (Main)
Restoration/Elemental Shaman (Alt)

I have some other alts below level 90 as well, however these two toons are my main focus.

A little about me...
...I'm 27 with a full-time job (career).
...My other half is extremely casual (read: rarely on), however I would love to be able to bring his toons with me.
...I enjoy beer and wine, and often like to DWG (drink while gaming).
...My main goal is not to raid full time, however I am a team player and if I am needed for raids--granted I get a few upgrades via LFR/other runs, and am raid ready--I can realistically make anything after 7:00pm server (the later the better).

Please feel free to reply to this post, or send me an in-game message to caprica#1889...
Faction Change isnt an issue, nor is server xfer.
Hey we are a pretty new guild. looking for Casuals and raiders alike. Raiding full time or just when needed we don't mind. And the more the merrier, we love people :).

Vinegar Strokes is a 10m built with the purpose of downing content quickly and efficiently. We are made up of former hardcore and semi-core raiders. Many with several realm first kills over the years. We raid with a limited schedule (wed. 630p-1030p PST) so that we can play and still enjoy our personal lives. We will be adding an additional raid day for those of us that would like to raid more often.
If you are interested in hearing more, please whisper Jolope / dklope, whisperawr#1425, or myself (dumper#1127). You can also visit our website @ www.vinegarstrokes-hyjal com

Check out www.wolvesofwar.com We're not hard core but we do like to push ourselves. We've cleared 11/12 to date as a 25 man. We'll be doing heroics very soon!

We keep a mature over 21 guild and have a 25 man raid that goes Thursdays and Sundays from 8 - 11 server(PST). We have many people who love to play on their alts so the guild chatter is often flowing with laughter and talk of the good old times! We've got many couples in the guild who raid with us so the two of you would be more than welcome!

Find me in game if ya like. Quezbraak#1313
Hi Caprica,

Reading through your post, we would be really interested in chatting to you and see if CotD is somewhere you could call home (or rather, for both of you!).

Please check out our forums @ www.taupe.org.au, and chat to any of these lovely officers listed below.

GM: Fatcat (Fatcat#1915)
Officers: Habs (Aims#1947); Jaf (jaf#6314); Hoolie; Wyld (Bob#12861); Shaidy/Tiek

Kind Regards

Hey Caprica,

I am Fireripple, GM of Novicium. We are looking to incorporate a DK and an Ele shaman into our core 10 man group as we begin to take our first steps into ToT progression. Here at Novicium, we believe in the bonds we create through long-term friendship and dedication to the guilds goals. We offer an environment in which help is always given to those who ask or need it. Our small tight-knit community allows us to become better players while having fun. Raid Times are Tues/Wed/Thur 8-11 server time.

If this sounds interesting - You can contact me in-game using my battle.tag. Ripples#1648


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