Useful Frost trick with Tito the dog

If anyone in your raid has Tito the dog from the achievement Raiding With Leashes II, he will regularly cause a tornado to spin by with 2 cows in it that can be pet nova'd for extra FoF procs. The more people with Tito the more free procs you get over the course of a fight.
Someone been smoking good stuff, share?
You probably want to keep this on the DL Alveiah, don't want this getting out since if it does they will Nerf it.

My guilds resident frost mistress uses this 'trick' constantly.

But yes... Hush! You do not want to make Shin angry by getting this nerfed lol!
She would tear your heart out!
How often does he summon tornadoes?
Most creative mage trick of MoP right here
You posted a valuable trick on the forums, inc nerf!
How often does he summon tornadoes?

Our monk had him out on H Ji-Kun, I was able to get 8 extra ice lances over the course of the fight. With more Titos you could probably get more, also may have missed some tornadoes while I was in the nests since he is on the main platform the whole fight.

I like your style.
Brb getting Tito.

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