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After restart today, my FPS is going from 40 (which I capped) to 10 every few seconds. My character takes 3 steps then 1 step.

Kind of annoying.

Any advice?

Running a MBP.

Thanks for any help-)

Edit: I have not changed any setting or addons or anything.
Echoed- here. iMac (mid2011); OS X 10.8.4

Completely, horrifically unplayable.
Well, I'm happy it's not only me.

Tried to reset the cache and WTF folders etc... turned off all addons etc... I have never seen this before.

Help, please--)
It's a definite rendering issue- I haven't tried reverting to the 32bit client- but it definitely is a gamebreaker that I'm surprised was hot-fixed in.

More info - 27" iMac; 2560x1440 resolution; even with 'default' settings (all WTF reset) its immediately evident with today's 'hot-fix': typing issues; visible lag during movement; just horrid.
Yeah it's kind of unplayable.

This seems to have been going on for a while, since 5.2ish. For me it fps fluctuates from 50 staggering down to 12-14.

Have tried everything from reseting SMC to clearing cache, disabling add ons etc etc.

Nothing works, at this point the game is unplayable. I'm holding my raid team back and the game is nothing but frustrating.
I am having this exact same problem, and it just started happening today. I am running on the lowest settings and I've done all of the usual WTF/Cache and turned off addons. Nothing I've tried is working.
Oh and I've tried reverting back to 32bit client. no effect ( although it did take longer to get to the erratic fps)

also, tried no add ons, deleting all addons, only up to date add ons, reseting SMC, WTF etc etc. nothing seems to have an effect.

I was okay with the pulsing lag as that goes away, but this fps problem stays once it starts. It will start up regardless of situation. Sitting in town, out in the wild alone, in a raid, questing, farming, whatever I'm doing or whatever zone I am in eventually it starts up.
Yep. I just logged in using the 32-bit client. Was getting around 30-40fps for about 2-3 minutes sitting in SW. Suddenly dropped down to 15-16fps and stayed that way. I've tried staying in very low-pop areas, or areas that I usually get great fps (caves, etc) and NOTHING helps. Once the fps drops, it stays.

The game is completely unplayable like this.
Going from 70+ to 4-5 fps. It's becoming more common in the past few days. Almost unplayable at times. Running 10.8 on a Hackintosh with a i5-3570, 16 G RAM, and a GTX 670. At the start of Pandaria was getting consistent good (50-100) frame rates at Ultra Settings (Mac drivers for the GTX 670 are not as good as the Windows drivers).
So I was playing around with settings today and found what seems to be a bandaid for me at least.

I went into the advanced settings and reduced the max foreground and back ground fps. I brought foreground down to 27fps and the minimum for background fps.

I was able to run a raid and basically play all night with a fairly consistent 27fps. It did dip down a few times to the 12-15 range but popped back up and did not become erratic. It was by far my best night in over a month in wow.

As a side note, I've given up on the wow mac client and bought a pc today. Back to the dark side...
Glad it's not just me. 10.8.4, MBP 15" Mid 2010, 8GB RAM. It seems to cycle between normal and very low FPS every few seconds, no matter where I am. I've even tried the whole deleting your sleepimage and resetting the SMC/PRAM thing. No dice. Even when I lower settings very low I still see the oscillation between low and normal FPS.
Hey Las,

Did you try the advanced tab and capping the frame rates?

That seems to have helped my issue.

Hope fully a real fix will come out soon
That does seem to help. Setting to about 30fps limit eliminates the stuttering. But it's kind of sad. I lose the fluidity my machine can handle. But sacrifices must be made! I would know, I'm a warlock.
It really is sad. For me, my machine is limping along as it is (early 2010 MBP) so it's time to upgrade anyway, but I see people with beast of machines on here having these same issues.

Upside is this does seem to be consistent as it has held for me for the 4 days since I tweaked the settings.
I was recently getting the same stuttering after lowering my FPS to 27-30. I don't want to go any lower than 25. Do we have any word on if this is known, and if so, what's being done? I'm thinking about switching to Windows on an SD card or external HDD to get this working with any fluidity.
Same issue here...late 2008 macbook pro
I m using a 2013 May Macbook Pro 15" i7 Retina Display with top configuration, everything was fine before 5.3, running smooth around 70-100 FPS but after patch, FPS is super unstable from 50 to 8-9. I cant play this game anymore v.v Latest machine is not supporting it i see.
What ever happened to scalers? XBox and PS3 games are rendered at a lower resolution and scaled up to 1080 for your TV. Why is it a computer with vastly more powerful hardware can't render something like WOW at 960x540 on all settings on high and simply scale the screen correctly to display at whatever the user's resolution is set to?
This is still happening for me. FPS jumps between 50s and single digits during the course of a fight. Tried all the resets, to no avail, as usual.

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