[H] <Shadowed> 10m, 12/12, 4/13H, LFM (+Alts)

Bleeding Hollow
Shadowed, a level 25 semi-hardcore horde raiding guild, is looking for more to fill core raid/regular alt raid spots. We formed approximately two weeks before patch 5.2 and worked through t14 and t15 content.

We pride ourselves on never missing a scheduled raid night (unless under dire RL circumstances). And we strive to do anything ranging from pvp to old raid content for transmog gear, as well as getting a group together for challenge modes etc.

The goals and raid times for Shadowed are as follows:
  • Main Raid (Heroic Progression): Tue/Thu/Sun nights @ 8p-11p server time
  • Alt Raid (Normal, steady clear/gearing up): Fri/Sat nights @ 9p-12midnight server time

Note about alts: We take our alts seriously in this guild. Our alts are gemmed, enchanted, etc, and we learn our class (and take criticism from those who know them better). We expect nothing less from our regular alt raiders.

  • We strive to make steady progression through Heroic Throne of Thunder
  • We do use mumble for the raids as well as for general hanging out and chit chatting.
  • It is expected of members to do everything they can to be ready for the raids, including reforging, regemming, watching any videos that may be posted on the forums or elsewhere, and it is necessary sign ups on the in game calendar so we know whom to expect.
  • It is expected of members to keep up with the changes if any to their classes and be able to perform to the level needed to clear the content.

Recruitment needs are as follows:

Main Raid
  • Tanks - Filled, thank you for checking.
  • RDPS - Hunter, Mage, Shaman
  • MDPS - Currently Filled. Thank you for checking.
  • Heals - Shaman, MW Monk
  • Ideally we would prefer 500+ but a clear understanding of your class and gearing as well as experience can trump the requirement. It is still, however, important to note that we are on heroic progression.

Alt Raid
  • Tanks - Currently flexible roster, can use a tank that knows fights, prefer 12/12.
  • RDPS - Flexible, hunters or warlocks preferred.
  • MDPS - Currently we rotate between warrior/rogue, so preferably anything outside of that.
  • Heals - Currently varied rotation, prefer shaman, monk, or priest
  • Ideally we would prefer 500+ but a clear understanding of your class and gearing as well as experience can trump the requirement. This raid is in Normal mode.

About the raid leader: Tannik
Tannik has played over eight years raiding for most of that time in various guilds. He has participated in most of the heroic mode content in WoTLK as well as Catacylsm.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a message below or contact Jay (TheLadyJay#1224) or Tannik (squishsquash#1316) in game. We look forward to hearing from you.

One final thing, folks who are looking for flexibilty with raiding feel free to inquire for a rotational/bench. Every raiding guild can use folks willing to step in to fill in or do alt raids etc.
This week we hit heroic progression, as well as farming normal T15 content to gear up a few other raid members.
Update: Currently we are full on RDPS and MDPS, though we are always open to semi-hardcore/casual raiders (with plenty of raid awareness) to substitute for us if one of our regular raiders is unable to make it.

Still on the lookout for a healer.

Thank you.
Hitting Heroic Ji-Kun this week, currently still looking for a healer.

We will be considering raiders for a weekly alt raid group the next couple of weeks.

Please contact for more info.
Still looking for a healer!

Update: prefer monk, holy pali, or a disc priest.
We'll be working on Ji-Kun heroic mode on Thursday!

If a Melee DPS spot opens for any reason, please contact me. This guild fits my progression / availability perfectly.
Thanks Sketch. I will talk to you in game.

Still looking for a healer, thanks.
Raid night tonight. We will be on heroic ji-kun.

Still looking for a healer, please contact us in-game if interested!
Holy Pali, MW Monk, or Disc Priest wanted!
If only people would laugh at my jokes, we would be progressing =( If you like lame jokes were the guild for you though.
We can laugh at glory.
Alt raid on ToT tonight :). Interested Healers are welcome to join us.
It is not nice to laugh at glory, when he never reads the forums. Although we could use a consistent healer.
Ok, so we laugh "with" glory :}.

Healer still wanted! Would be cool if the healer has OS dps too.
New week of raiding! Still on the lookout for a healer.
Had a few good attempts on Heroic Ji-Kun last night, going to shoot for it again this Thursday.

Still on the lookout for a quality healer.
Hey Ladyjay. My guild has also been working on Heroic ji-kun and will be doing so tonight. If we do not down her tonight I will be available to come. Msg or whisper me in game if you have any questions.
Still in the search - Someone over 510 and ready to roll be fantastic. That said, what did the disc priest say to the holy paladin about the resto shaman?

A:) Hes going to get frustrated!

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