(H) Legacy 7/12N LF DPS/Heals core 25m

We are almost at the numbers we need to progress as the servers 2nd horde side 25m guild.

We require.

6 DPS (Ilvl 490+ able to sustain ATLEAST 80k dps on a target dummy)
3 Healers (Ilvl 490+)

Our raid times/days are 5:45pm ST to 8:30pm ST Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

To be considered core you must be able to raid 3/4 days.

We offer free raid food, raid repairs, and a permanent core progression spot assuming your attendance is acceptional.

Apply at our website @ http://Legacy-Saurfang.com
Or you can PST any of the following.

Kathadus, Saico, Adelphia, Squishy
Mag down!
Chicken down.
Durumu down!

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