<Allegiance Reborn> is Seeking New Members

<Allegiance Reborn> is a level 25 newly transferred guild on alliance side.

We are currently looking to restart our raiding group and push though the rest of Throne of Thunder. Our current raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday with Thursday as an optional day, 9pm-11pm server time. We are also looking to push to a second raid group in the near future with varied times as we had before on our old server.

All classes, specs, and levels are welcome to join us regardless of wanting to raid or not. If you have any questions or would like to join us send a tell to in game myself Syisha, Sweetdragon, or Lunarøse at any time.

Our guild is active daily for pvp, pve, heroics (scenarios and dungeons) as well as leveling alts, clearing old raids and so much more. We have room for all player types and welcome anyone who would want to grow on this server with us.

Thank you.
Sy, I didn't even know you had posted in here. LOL

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